Recent Finds

By leoprog leoprog
updated 20 days ago

Cool things I have found in strange and unexpected places.

  1. Milt Raskin - Kapu (Forbidden)

    4 For Sale from $4.00

    Nice red vinyl

  2. Modern Talking - The First Album

    4 For Sale from $8.98

    Picked up on a whim since I have the LP

  3. Unknown Artist - Det Bästa Från Svensktoppen

    Very special and cool style on the cover on this release.

  4. L.D. Dugger* - To Hell And Back

    4 For Sale from $15.91

    some heavy weirdness

  5. Wenche Myhre* - La Meg Være Ung

    2 For Sale from $39.77

    The Crazy Boys!!!

  6. Doodle Bugs - Lille Laila

    The liner notes mention their great success on the Faroe Islands in 1968 after their two tours there. There is also a special mention of their band bus "Ormen Lange" named after a famous Viking ship ;)