Recommended Ambient Albums from the Ambient Mailing List

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Recommended Ambient Albums

Note: Currently, no one is collecting new top 10s to add to this list.

Date: Sun, 1 Sep 1996 19:25:58 -0500 (CDT) From: Darryl Stephen Roy

On 24 Sep 1994, Sean Smith asked the Ambient Music Mailing List:

Would any of you care to give me a Top 10 of the all-time greatest ambient CDs for any collection? I thought, with such a conglomeration of people who love what i love, I'm bound to get some great recommendations for stuff I don't have.

In the interest of introducing newcomers to ambient, and providing suggestions for further investigations, I've collected all of the top-10 ambient album lists presented in response to Sean's request, and organized them by the number of votes each album has received thus far (up to Sep 1996). This is the last update I will provide, but stay tuned in the future for a "Most overrated/underated ambient" poll.

The most recent list is generally available at the excellent ambient archives at The dedicated volunteers at this site also run the Ambient Music mailing list, where you can meet the many knowledgeable fans who've contributed these recommendations. To join, mail a blank message to [email protected], or [email protected] if you prefer to receive the list mail in periodic digest format. Drumroll please...

The following 88 individuals have contributed their top-10 ambient lists to be compiled above.
Jens Alfke, Mark Anderson, David Bancroft, Scott Bateman, Dmitri Bender, Robert P. Beveridge, Boy in Zinc, Mike Brown, Kim Cascone, Ctquo, D.A.C. Crowell, Cullen, Mark Czubak, Alex Dark, Groovy Dave, Steven Dean, James Dignan, Randy Dudley, Brian Duguid, Matt Duree, einexile, Tom Elliott , Ben Exit, Fabio de Brazil, Lars-Erik Fast, Laurence Fiddick, fletcher, Mark Frank, David Fry, Jan Hanford, Eddie O'Hanlon, Alan Haselden, Andrew Hime, Matt Hoessli, Robert Horton, Jesse L. Jackson, Jah Jam, noel jones, Jeremy Keens, Gordon Kelley, Paul M. Laane, Simon Letarte, Thad Lewis, dj Lovegrove, David Mantripp, Andy Mardesich, T Manassis, Peter V. Martinson, Eric Mattson, Marc Mcnulty, Eric A Meece, Lee Moore, m08, Thomas J. Newton, Dan Nicholson, Kevin O'Conner, Ryan Pals, Stuart Park, Paul3, Jeffrey Reid, Alistair Richards, Joanna Roses, Darryl Roy, Running Free, Frederick Schmidt, Scott, Scruton, Simonsen, James Skilton, Daggan Stamenkovic, William S. Stewart, Ken Stuart, TEC37, Andrew Thomas, Harvey Thornburg, Tom, transmat, Martin Trojer, Darrin Verhagen, Vitamin, Emiliano Waiselsisz, Gregory Weiss, Clark Wilkins, Bollen Wim, Wallace Winfrey, XdadaX, Zig

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