Record Labels to follow

By ahmedsamy
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    Deep house, vinyl only

  2. Minimal, dub and deep-techno/house label from Canada. Run by Mike Shannon.

  3. Electronic label based in Romania, and founded by Rhadoo, Petre Inspirescu & Raresh.

  4. Experimental techno label founded and run by Cezar Lazăr, Kozo and Prâslea. Based in Bucharest, aimed worldwide.

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    Baby Ford's Label

  6. 7

    Label run by Zip and Markus Nikolai. Founded in Frankfurt, now based in Berlin.

  7. Label run by Anton Kubikov (Moscow) and his partner Ed Vertov (Los Angeles) with Maxim Milutenko, launched in 2005. Distributed by Kompakt Distribution.

  8. Lick My Deck is a label dreamed up by Shaun Soomro to develop and release intelligent and provocative electronic music.

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    UK based minimal/deep techno label run by Peter Ford, and dominated by releases involving solo work and collaborations from himself, Mark Broom and Dave Hill, alongside other artists.

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