Recording Artists on Atmosphere (2)

By Clogwhistle
updated 10 months ago

A ready reckoner intended to aid the submission of releases on Atmosphere (2).
There will be errors and I would welcome any corrections. The Universal Production Music website is an invaluable resource and I have updated a few Artists using information found there. The simplest way to research a release on the website is to type in a number in the search engine, e.g. ATMOS199, (not ATMOS-CD199) or ATMOS62A (not ATMOS-CD62 disc one) and by clicking the information button "i" you can find the names of most of the composers / artists against each individual track.
I can already see a couple of anomalies: Stanislas Syrewicz vs. Stanisław Syrewicz [RESOLVED] and Chris Gibbons vs. Chris Gibbons (2) [RESOLVED?].
Hopefully you'll find these names in alphabetical order by last name. One exception is Sharooz (Sharooz Raoofi).