~Relatively Obscure And Interesting Metal // Hard Rock Acts~

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Worldwide bands/artists worth checking out, research or maybe add to other lists later. Lots of profiles may need fixing; minor/ moderate corrections, missing band and/or logo images, web links/ dead link(s), name additions/ artists [missing names], other updates, etc., etc. Band names will be more or less in order, according to first letter [[only]].

To be continued [x=Infinitvs ► ∞,↔ ∞+++]: ~A constant work in progress!

  1. Assailant

    A progressive metal act from Sweden.

  2. Assailant (2)

    Traditional heavy metal from Buffalo, NY.

  3. Assailant (3)

    A short-lived Canadian heavy metal act from Calgary, Alberta.

  4. Assailant (5)

    Thrash band (active) from Costa Rica.

  5. Asphyxia (5)

    Quickly gone Belgian thrash act.

  6. Aggression (5)

    Progressive thrash metal from Espana (Spain).

  7. Azrael (2)

    Swiss death metal act (90's).

  8. Azrael (9)

    Metal from Spain.

  9. Atrocity (2)

    A grindcore/ death metal act from Connecticut. Not to be confused with Germany's Atrocity.

  10. Acéldama

    A brutal death metal band from Costa Rica.

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  14. Аспид

    Russia's Aspid.