Remixer showreels

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Remixer/producer/management showreels in my collection

  1. Adam Goldstone - Selected Productions And Remixes


  2. Albert Castillo - Albert Castillo's ADE 08 Sampler (Remix & Production Reel)

    1 For Sale from $63.00

    Unreleased mixes of Duffy "Mercy" and Kelly Rowland's "Ghetto"!
    The Shontelle T-Shirt mix here has a lot of the same drums & keys as the released one, but instead of 120bpm with sped up vox, this is 132bpm with slowed vox.

  3. Bastone & Burnz - Productions / Remixes

    Vinyl-only Jamiroquai mix + dub
    Unreleased Nikka Costa / Telepopmusik / Star People mixes + dubs

  4. Bastone & Burnz - Productions / Remixes

    Vinyl-only full length versions of Missy E and Jamiroquai!
    Unreleased mixes of Jamie O'Neal, Natural, Telepopmusik and Afroman.

  5. Bastone & Burnz - Productions / Remixes

    Totally dead, I couldn't get this to play at all.

  6. Bastone & Burnz - Untitled

    Duran Duran mix - but can't get this one to rip well

  7. Bastone & Burnz - Club Remixes

    Unreleased Sarah Hudson, BRANDY & Nikka Costa (mid-tempo mix), Radiohead is probably a bootleg, and I still have NO IDEA what that "King & Queen" track is.

  8. Bastone & Burnz - Untitled

    Slightly different tracklist from the other one - but the unreleased tracks are the same.

  9. Bimbo Jones - Spring Showreel 2002

    A few unreleased songs

  10. Bimbo Jones - Showreel

    Awesome Coldplay bootleg
    Fun Kelis boot
    S Club vinyl only mix