Roland TR-808

By disman00911
updated 1 day ago

Songs that use the famous 808 drum machine. From hip hop, R&B, synthpop, electro, booty bass, freestyle, house, and so on.

  1. was the first song with 808 to make the us top 40 charts in 82

  2. "Peter Piper" uses 808 only. "My Adidas" uses both the 808 and the Obeheim DMX drums.

  3. every track from this release

  4. "So Let it Be House" and "Magic Feet" only. "Life Goes On" uses 909, not 808.

  5. all the tracks in this release

  6. the beginning part/intro is definitely 808, though the rest of the drums is likely Linn.

  7. The "Percappella Mix" has an 808 drum beat

  8. the beginning part

  9. each track, except the "Home Made" mix, uses 808. "Home Made" uses 707 instead.

  10. 1000 knives