Romanian Labels

By frac frac
updated over 5 years ago

A list of Romanian labels

  1. Essentia Mundi

    The first Romanian drone dark ambient cinematic music label

  2. Ancient Beliefs

    black metal and dark music label releasing underground artists

  3. Edition Modern

    Modern classical music label

  4. Electrecord

    The only record label in the communist era

  5. Patpong Records

    Electronic music label

  6. 20CM Records


  7. [a:rpia:r]

    Electronic music label

  8. A&A Records

    a Warner Music license label

  9. Alpha Sound

    a post '89 cassette 'label' with trendy Romanian and International artists

  10. Adevărul

    this is actually a national paper from time to time releasing zine + CDs bundle

  11. Adior Production

    pop rock label

  12. AMMA Record

    label releasing trendy music

  13. Amnezia Production

    house music

  14. 14



    beat and base LP vinyl label

  15. Arboresonor

    folk country Romanian music

  16. Arcana Noctis

    metal label and webzine releasing underground CDr

  17. 17



    netlabel IDM techno

  18. Asiluum Arts

    netlabel with post-rock and experimental music, closed 2012

  19. Ask4 Records

    techno trance EP and digital label

  20. Audiosex Records

    trance drum & bass

  21. Audiotim & Ralina

    folk world country Romanian music label

  22. Mask Of The Slave

    power noise label of Hungarian origin

  23. Banatian Darkness

    metal label releasing underground, self-made CDr

  24. Beauty Of Pain Productions

    metal label releasing in the past CDs now only merchandise