Sampled/Covered by Italians

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updated 2 months ago

This list is compiled with all the original tunes that have been used to create many (if not all, lol) of the tunes on the Italo House scene. Loads of known, widely used vocals and riffs plus some which only had a few words sampled. The list also includes any of the tunes that the Italian's covered.

To me, it's nice to know where all the samples came from. Included in the description of each tune is a list of the Italo tunes where they feature. Noted that there may be some tunes missing in the descriptions and any info for anymore is very much appreciated. Just drop me a message if you can think of any that aren't in the descriptions :)

Kindly put together by myself and members of Italo House Radio

The plan is to create hour long mixes of these classics you can listen to the first one here >>>

  1. Aretha Franklin - Rock-A-Lott

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    Probably one of the most sampled tunes by Aretha for the Italians.
    49ers - Touch Me
    DJ Alex T - Dance Party
    DJ H & Stefy - I Like It
    Bit Machine - It's Time
    Blue Ocean - Everybody What You Gonna Do
    Carol - Fever

  2. Loleatta Holloway - Love Sensation

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    Widely used in the majority of italo house
    Black Box - Ride On Time
    DJ Kappa - Sweet Sensation
    El Chico - House Music Lovers
    X - In My My Heart
    Skila - So Nice
    S Bam - Take Me Away Now
    Cappella - Take Me Away
    Dineka - You Make Me Feel
    Double Sense - You Make Me Feel

  3. Jocelyn Brown - Love's Gonna Get You

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    Sampled to death!! One of my fave vocals
    G & V Jay - I Gonna Get The Boy
    Point KB - Point KB
    Red Fox - Waste Your Time
    Snap - Ive Got The Power
    Fire - You Got Fire
    Xeya - Deputy Of Love
    Olimpia - Gonna Get You
    Nitelite Cityrama - Running So Hard
    X- In My Heart
    Carrara Feat Leyla - You Got Me Down
    Alex Lee - Take It
    NY Energy - Yes I Am
    Fifty Hertz - Crazy Scene
    2 Notes - U Don't Know

  4. Janet Jackson - The Pleasure Principle

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    Red News - Crazy Moment
    KDA - Love Me Love Me
    Istuition - It's Not Over
    Collapse - My Love

  5. Colonel Abrams - Trapped

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    Used in:
    Cool syndicate - Say It Again
    Massimo Alberti - Say It Again

  6. Eugene Wilde - 30 Mins. To Talk

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    Living House - To Talk

  7. India - Dancing On The Fire

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    Yuko feat Dany - Give It Up
    Hi Liner - Gimme Love

  8. Patti LaBelle - Something Special (Is Gonna Happen Tonight)

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    Jill Sanders - I Can't Feel It
    Globalcut - Sensations

  9. Kid 'N' Play - Funhouse (The House We Dance In)

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    Fifty Hertz - Get Up
    Selector - Move Your Body
    System - Don't Stop

  10. Mahogany Watkins* - Taking Him Off Your Hands

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    Mahogany - Runaway
    Jinny - Keep Warm

  11. First Choice - Let No Man Put Asunder

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    Out Of Mind - It's Not Over
    Danaeh - Gone Away
    Touch Of Soul - We Got The Love
    Snoopy DJ - In The World
    Istuition - It's Not Over
    Change Inc - Its Not Over

  12. Nayobe - It's Too Late

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    Jinny in - I Need You

  13. Darcy Alonso - Waited So Long

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    Pierre Feroldi - Movin Now
    Linda Ray - Perfect Love

  14. Siedah Garrett - K.I.S.S.I.N.G.

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    Outphase - I'm In Love
    Soul System - Uh La La
    Miss Sex - Sensations
    Joy & Joyce - Babe Babe
    Colours - Baby Baby
    Jill B Quartet - Go To The Workplace

  15. Listen Up - Listen Up

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    Sampling Girls - Open Up Your Heart
    G.I.G.E - Give It To The Music
    Act Of Soul - Everybody & More
    7th Street - 4 Everybody
    Synthesis - Listen Up
    SSR - To Be Piano

  16. Krystol - Passion From A Woman

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    DJ Fopp - What You Gonna Do
    F.R Boyz Choir - Stop & Go
    Ike & Tina - I got A Man
    Ruby Connif - What You Gonna Do
    Master Sync - For You

  17. Raw Silk - Do It To The Music

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    Temperature rising
    SLD - Getting Out (When ya moving, when ya grooving vocal)
    Living House - To Talk (B-Side)

  18. Gwen Guthrie - It Should Have Been You

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    SLD - Getting Out (B-Side of this vinyl)

  19. Class Action Featuring Chris Wiltshire* - Weekend

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    Derry Hall - Just For Week-End
    Mr Cavello - Weekend
    FPI Project - Risky

  20. Aretha Franklin - Who's Zoomin' Who

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    Emmeppi Feat Sample Boys - Aretha No. 1

  21. Aretha Franklin - Chain Of Fools

    South Soul - Take It Easy(How Much I Love)
    B4 - How Much I Love Him

  22. Kelly Charles - You're No Good For Me

    Maxi Shannon - No Good Boy
    Nitelite Cityrama - I Don't Need Nobody
    Zener - Listen

  23. Barracudas - Summer Fun

    Surfkar - Barracuda

  24. Whitney Houston - So Emotional

    Blue Tattoo - Love Can Do
    Dino Lenny - Cocaine (Remix)

  25. The Jamaica Girls* - On The Move

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    Anghelus Project - Come On