Scandinavian Hip-Hop Index

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List of hip-hop artists from Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

>> This list is far from complete, and is still a work in progress, feel free to contact me, with anything you would like to see added.

  1. Absent Minded

    Swedish crew from Stockholm, Sweden, consisting of rapper ADL and producer Vladi C., performing in English.

  2. Advance Patrol

    Swedish crew from Malmö, Skåne, made up of Gonza Blatteskånska, Juan Havana, and DJ Lucutz, performing in Swedish.

  3. 3



    Swedish MC from Stockholm, and member of Headtag and Close Creative Comrads, based in Västerås, Västmanland, rhyming in English.

  4. The Casual Brothers

    Swedish duo from Västerås, Västmanland, consisting of Cos.M.I.C and DJ EmBee of Looptroop fame, based in Stockholm, and rhyming in English.

  5. 6



    Swedish MC from Lund, Scania, one half or [Invalid Artist], and a member of both Helt Off and [Invalid Artist], rapping in Swedish and English.

  6. Clemens

    Danish MC from Roskilde, Zealand, and raised in Sønderborg, Southern Denmark, a member of Die Dumme Dänen, rapping in Danish.

  7. Close Creative Comrads

    Swedish duo from Stockholm, consisting of MC's Akem and Scoob Rock, performing in both English and Swedish.

  8. Cos.M.I.C

    Swedish MC from Västerås, Västmanland, based in Stockholm, formerly of Looptroop, and one half of [Invalid Artist], rhyming in English and Swedish.

  9. Den Gale Pose

    Danish crew from Hillerød, Capital Region, based in Copenhagen and consisting of Jokeren, Coldhands and B, a pioneering group, rapping in Danish.

  10. 11



    Norwegian rapper from Jessheim, Akersus, Norway. A member of T.P. Allstars, rhyming in both English and Norwegian.

  11. DJ Amato

    Swedish DJ / Turntablist from Malmö, Skåne, a hip-hop radio show host and official DJ for Timbuktu.

  12. DJ EmBee

    Swedish DJ and producer from Västerås, Västmanland, based in Stockholm, a member of Looptroop, Sedlighetsroteln and one half of [Invalid Artist].

  13. DJ Large

    Swedish DJ, turntablist and producer from Uppsala, Uppland, and a member of Mobbade Barn Med Automatvapen (MBMA).

  14. DJ Noize

    Danish DJ/Turntablist and producer from Copenhagen, Capital Region, Denmark, former DMC World Champion, and member of the Majors.

  15. DJ Static

    Danish DJ/Turntablist from Aarhus, Central Region, former DMC Champion, and one half of the duo [Invalid Artist], as well as a member of the Majors.

  16. DJ Typhoon

    Danish DJ/Turntablist and producer from Copenhagen, Capital Region, Denmark. A member of both [Invalid Artist] and Nobody Beats The Beats.

  17. Don Martin

    Norwegian DJ and producer from Oslo, Eastern Norway, and a member of pioneering group Gatas Parlament.

  18. 19

    Erik L

    Erik L

    Swedish producer from Sundsvall, Medelpad, a member of Superscientifiku and the Flyphonic production team.

  19. Eye N´I

    Swedish rapper from Stockholm, a member of Phenomena 3 and Natural Bond, rhyming in Swedish.

  20. 21



    Swedish female MC from Stockholm, born in Massawa, Ethiopia (now Eritrea) of Eritrean decent, a member of GFX, rapping in Swedish and English.

  21. 22



    Swedish MC and producer from Stockholm, one half of [Invalid Artist], and a member of Highwon, rhyming in Swedish.

  22. Form One

    Swedish MC from Gothenburg, Bohuslän, one half of Autobots and a member of the Loose Cannons, rhyming in English.

  23. Fred Nukes

    Danish MC and producer from Copenhagen, Capital Region, Denmark, a member of Rich Bums, rhyming in English.

  24. Funk Flush

    Danish crew from Copenhagen and Aarhus, consisting of Tjes Boogie, Knox and Creative, performing in English.