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By secondspiritual_zone
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A collection of funky disco edits.

  1. 5 For Sale from $6.25

    Side A1: Earth, Wind & Fire: Africano
    Side A2: The Isley Brothers: It's your thing
    Side B1: Redman: Blow your mind
    Side B2: AM-FM: You are the one

  2. 1 For Sale from $236.59

    A1: Stargard: Runnin From The Law
    A2: James Brown: Don't tell it
    B1: Das EFX: They want EFX
    B2: Hank Ballard And The Midnight Lighters: From the love side

  3. 12 For Sale from $4.00

    A: Stanley Clarke - The Dancer
    B: Weather Report - Teen Town

  4. 9 For Sale from $18.82

    A1 is an edit of Dee Dee Bridgewater - Sweet Rain
    A2 is an edit of Dance, Get Down (Feel the Groove) - Al Hudson & the Soul Partners
    B1 is an edit of Superstar - Brenda & the Tabulations
    B2 is an edit of Manzara - Soseme Makonde

  5. 20 For Sale from $10.75

    1. Rodney Franklin - The Groove
    A2. The Players Association - Turn the Music Up
    B1. Rahni Harris - Six Million Steps
    B2. Kathi Baker - Fa La La (Feel The Heat)

  6. 3 For Sale from $43.01

    A: People's Choice - A Mellow Mood
    B1: Lenny Williams - If You're In Need
    B2: Ohio Players - Sleep Talk

  7. 3 For Sale from $53.76

    Side A: Leon Huff - Tight Money

  8. 17 For Sale from $12.49

    B1: Joe Cuba - Siempre Sere

  9. 12 For Sale from $11.71

    A: Womack & Womack - Baby I'm Scared of You
    B1: Bill Withers - Take It All In And Check It All Out
    B2: Barry White - You're So Good You're Bad

  10. 11 For Sale from $8.60

    A2: Willie Bobo - Reason For Livin'
    B1: Frank Hooker & Positive People - This Feelin
    B2: Herbie Hancock - Making Love

  11. 14 For Sale from $12.00

    A1: Ann Sexton - You're Loosing Me
    B2: Joe Masunga - Nwananga Washaneseka

  12. 10 For Sale from $32.26

    A:Ti Celeste - Population Basse Terrienne aux Abois
    B: ORM - Jen dál a víc a líp

  13. 4 For Sale from $62.99

    A: Dave Valentin - Cortona Park
    B: Pleasure - Let's Dance
    Cortona park edit also on

  14. 7 For Sale from $10.91

    A: Undisputed Truth-You Make Your own Heaven and Hell Right Here on Earth
    B1: Herb Alpert - Rise
    B2: José James - Detroit Loveletter

  15. 8 For Sale from $17.50

    A: Bohannon - Me And The Gang
    B: Amadou Balaké - Super Bar Konon Mousso

  16. 20 For Sale from $13.74

    A2: The Funk Fusion Band - Can You Feel It
    B1: Arthur Adams - You Got The Floor

  17. 8 For Sale from $8.60

    B1: Tyrone Davis - Get On Up
    A: Tim Maia - Sossego