Seen Live

By beetlesandeggs
updated over 2 years ago

Artists I've seen perform, somewhat ordered from best to worst.

  1. Best show ever. Best day of my life, ever. x2

  2. very very nice.

  3. amazing

  4. one of the best live experiences ever x4 (so loud)

  5. life complete x2

  6. 7

    Just fantastic, minus the really really bright lights during the encore. x3 and just as amazing as before.

  7. freakin amazing

  8. i cannot express just how amazing these guys are

  9. soo freaking good!

  10. flew all the way to london to see them. x3

  11. freakin’ incredible! one of the best nights of my life x2

  12. 13

    so freakin great! so fun!

  13. simply love x2

  14. pretty darn great

  15. fantastic and heart wrenching with beautiful visuals. wish they played longer than a mere 50 mins or so. x2 second time was even better.

  16. 17

    what can i say. it's low <3 x2

  17. beautiful music and beautiful visuals. top notch stuff.

  18. tim hecker is god? paralyzing music. x5

  19. robert henke provided the most amazing, captivating multi-sensory experience i most likely will ever have in Lumière II. bright lasers worked to reflect logical music, creating a dialect and allowing for the music to really speak to me. art at its finest. (monolake x2, lumière II and III) + twice at mutek

  20. sparkles, drones and tape loops

  21. A Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions show--not just Hope Sandoval, but I can't seem to find a way to add them to the list. Anyway, AMAZING show. I don't care one bit if Hope was acting like a diva. She's great as she's always been. Visuals were excellent, very 4AD/Cocteau Twins-like, which I love.

  22. 23

    this girl 🖤

  23. Pretty visuals and a great stage presence. x2

  24. holy hell was this show cool! top performers and awesome funny stage costumes!