Seen Live

By lolmews lolmews
updated 7 months ago

These are in order of when I've seen them live from first to most recent

  1. Joe Walsh

    First concert and it did not dissapoint

  2. Bad Company (3)

    Along with my first concert it was also my first time at Red Rocks. There wasn't anywhere there that you couldn't smell weed.

  3. Volbeat

    Missed half of their set because I was waiting in the merch line for a Metallica shirt

  4. Avenged Sevenfold

    I saw them when I was still a huge fan and knew all of their songs. It was awesome and I was singing along the entire time

  5. Metallica

    This show was a birthday present from my Pa and I had an amazing time there with him. After the rain delay they came out playing the intro for Ride the Lightning and it was sick. They also played Master of Puppets and One back to back which was wicked

  6. Uncured

    I got to meet the band after their set and they are all really chill dudes

  7. Lost Society

    This show was amazing and it's the reason why I'm into thrash. I'm so glad that my first pit was with this band

  8. Carach Angren

    Sick dudes. I got to meet them after their set and snag a few pics. Flash wasn't working so the pics didn't come out sadly

  9. Children Of Bodom

    What I remember from this show were big dudes in the pit, Are You Dead Yet?, and my first crowd surfing experience

  10. Sanction (6)

    The lead vocalist did a lot of jumping around onstage, so the rest of the band didn't have any room to move around

  11. Rivers Of Nihil

    Hot damn I love this band. They were really fun live and I want to go to a headlining show of theirs.