Singers Contributing to My Vinyl Craze

By d-of
updated 2 months ago

Vocalists Contributing to My Vinyl Craze

  1. untouchable, quite possibly the greatest singer of them all :+)

  2. personal favourite, what skill, range, unbelievable falsetto. A voice like no others 😜

  3. Mrs.Soul
    maybe not the prettiest voice or best range, but what emotion she invokes...

  4. Mr.Soul

  5. the interpreter

  6. my wife is an excellent singer, she calls James "the #1 screamer" which is true but his voice was awesome and versatile

  7. surprising to have Bob listed here? he sings his great songs like only he can

  8. another untouchable R.I.P.

  9. my introduction to Funk music, totally essential