Slant Magazine's Top 200- The Best Albums Of The 2000s

By D.JKruliq D.JKruliq
updated over 2 years ago

Compiled by Slant Magazine's Staff, 21st June 2010. Please compare this to the Pitchfork Staff list found here: [Start of the list from Number #200, on down to their Number #1 pick] or for more thorough information about the decade of music. Have copied Slant Magazine's list here beginning at Number #1, down to their final pick at Number #200. Please be advised(!) some picks have two, three or more entries that count as one selection. Interesting that many of these picks are cassette or Cd-r only releases. Personally prefer this list over the Pitchfork Staff Top 200 list. See if you would agree. Hope you'll enjoy!

Missing here on the site: Number #200 (208 actually) Widnoon's "Personal Mythology Is Worth Our Time" [Cd-r only release?]. If someone would add this release, that would be wonderful. Thank you!

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