Slot Machine Covers

By thefoureyedfox thefoureyedfox
updated over 2 years ago

Releases with slot machines on the cover art. Still much under construction.

  1. Jack Van Poll Tree-Oh + One - Jackpot

    6 For Sale from $75.57

    Actual machine: Mills Castle Front

  2. Various - Jackpot Of Hits

    Actual machine: Mills Bonus

  3. Woody Herman And The Las Vegas Herd - Jackpot!

    Actual machine: Mills Futura

  4. Various - Jackpot Of Hits (Explosive Rocksteady)

    6 For Sale from $19.32

    Actual machine: Mills Bonus

  5. Jackpot - Everybody Happy With Jackpot

    Actual machine: Mills Bonus

  6. HiJack* - Jackpot EP

    Actual machine: IGT Ten Times Pay

  7. Various - Jackpot: Os Superêxitos 81

    14 For Sale from $2.27

    Actual machine: Bally Money Honey

  8. Various - Jackpot

    The topglass of one can be seen.

  9. Jackpot - Win With Jackpot!

    Actual machine: Mills ???