Evolution in their greatest music from over the years! 馃槏

By AyidaTheCollecter
updated 13 days ago

Hi guys! It is Ayida! In this list is full of all "" memories, then and now albums, singles, digital songs, and lots more from them!

  1. 1998 - Starting for her first time, Veronica Almqvist, this is the first album ever released by this girl eurodance group. This girl in this group "Nina Boquist" did left the group sadly after this album "SMiLE" released.

  2. 1998 - Veronica Almqvist, and Nina Boquist had release their first single "Butterfly" with their famous song called "Butterfly" along with two butterfly remixes, and another song "get out.

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    1998 - had release another single from 1999 called "Coconut" with their song "Coconut" with another song called "Get out.

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    1999 - This is another version of the album "SMiLE" from Malaysia with different remixes.

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    1999 - This is another version of single "Butterfly" only with the radio mix, and extended version only, no remixes.

  6. 1999 - They had release a single in 1999 called "Boys" with their second famous song "Boys" with three "boys" remixes.

  7. 2000 - has released their second album "Future girls" with Veronica Almqvist and Malin Kernby back in Japan, they also have lots of verison than the original version.

  8. 2000 - released their first single ever in this year of the 2000s, also, it is called "Doo-be-do-boy" along with four other remixes.

  9. 2000 - This single "Mr. Wonderful" with their song is from 1998 but has released as a single with another remix of their extended mix of "Mr. Wonderful."

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    2001 - This album is their compilation album with this song called "Petit Love" with the other remixes on this album from Japan.

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    2002 - Starting with Veronica Almqvist, this is their third album they had released from Japan still along with Malin Kernby.

  12. 2008 - Six years later, Malin Kernby had sadly left the group due to focus on her own personal life, in that other side, Veronica Almqvist had replaced Malin Kernby with Hanna Stockzell.

  13. 2008 - This single "Doki Doki" is their first single released digitally in that year.

  14. 2011 - This song single "Moshi Moshi" is the only release they ever did in that year. Hanna Stockzell was replaced with Cecilia Reiskog.

  15. 2015 - In, Cecilia Reiskog has left due to personal life focus, so, is left with the only active person: Veronica Almqvist with her new single "Our little Corner"

  16. 2016 - had digitally released a "Koko soko" with Koko soko "new 2016 radio mix" and along with other six remixes.

  17. 2017 - After nine years, new release of the album "Forever" has released with new songs, and some remixes! She also has made her own label called "Butterfly Music"