Some Essential Hard Rock // Metal Bands list*

By D.JKruliq D.JKruliq
updated 9 days ago

A personal (though not exactly complete) list of favorite, essential and noteworthy bands/ acts from many different (though, not from all metal and hard rock genres/sub-genres). There are no nü metal/ alternative metal, metalcore, thrashcore, or other more modern acts listed here (for the most part)... Would rather add a separate list for other related genre artists. After all, not everyone likes to associate or clutter certain bands together. Personally do listen to nearly everything, though am not here to anger the obsessive fans. Please relate or at least ...try to people, metal fans are meant to be a community. Many thanks!

A Side Note: Band names/ artists are more or less in alphabetical order according to the first letter [only]. At least, if anyone is interested you wouldn't and 'Do Not' have to flip back and forth without annoying end. Please pay closer to attention to certain artists with the same moniker or similar spelled name. Will do my best to specify the said artists. Take good care!!

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