Some LPs I own

By Ackaraga
updated 2 days ago

I've spent a lifetime on a quest for musical euphoria. Here are a few 33 1/3 long-playing artifacts that I have kept hold of...

  1. 27 For Sale from $35.00

    I think this might be my favourite album cover in the world.

  2. 5 For Sale from $525.00

    I've been fascinated by Homer, Jay, John and Hardy for many years, and it was inevitable that one day I would own this- an original 1974 pressing. I ended up with an absolutely minty fresh SEALED copy, just by chance. I can never open it, although I've wanted to, because its a piece of art. I've got one of those 1977 copies that I like to listen to.

  3. 3 For Sale from $199.99

    NM. Stereo. No publishing Credits. 1st day press. Actually rarer than a stereo second state butcher cover!

  4. 3 For Sale from $1,521.74

    Sacred UK psych object. Mono, so it's pretty cool and stuff.

  5. 2 For Sale from $1,086.95

    Yup, this one too. This copy has a "watermark" on the first half of B1. I knew you'd be curious.

  6. 3 For Sale from $740.74

    Holy mother of god UK original, 1969.

  7. 4 For Sale from $199.90

    You have also gotta have this.

  8. 3 For Sale from $189.75

    (UK mono) This is the bomb, the jam, the sickest shit since Charlie Patton stopped making 78s. I've been fairly obsessed with this sensational platter since discovering back in the day, and have tirelessly preached the cause of this underdog, to mix a metaphor. Michael Giles' genius is fully on display. Hey, I love "Lark's Tongues in Apsic" too, so what do you think of that!?

  9. 21 For Sale from $86.96

    (German UA w/ poster) This is more prized than all my other Krautrock albums because it has the poster. This raises the awesomeness (and value) about 10 times.

  10. 4 For Sale from $53.26

    One of those "the only album that matters" albums.

  11. 1 For Sale from $864.19

    Another Can LP? OK, it's not "holy mackerel" like if I had the Music Factory version, but this is second best: a laminated 1st press on the burgundy label. I'm also in the minority in that I prefer the early Malcolm period.

  12. I'm delighted that this exists. A promo only mono album, 5 years after mono albums became unavailable to consumers in the US. The fact that it is such a hi-fi recording makes it more wonderful. And, actually, the sound on this thing is terrific.

  13. A heavenly object. Mine came with a label catalogue which is a treasure in itself (see pics right here).

  14. 3 For Sale from $333.21

    This UK copy not only has the coolest cover of any edition of this LP, it's also the most sought after version- for good reason!

  15. 7 For Sale from $815.22

    In the top 10 best UK psych LPs.

  16. 10 For Sale from $76.09

    Nice original UK pressing. This is prized by me not only because it's brain-meltingly heavy, but also because it was given to me by a dear and dearly missed friend.

  17. 20 For Sale from $76.09

    And, their second and final album.

  18. 8 For Sale from $197.53

    That's both Trees UK originals in the bag. Huzzah!

  19. 17 For Sale from $222.22

    Great British electric folk with more acid bite than Fairport or Steeleye. Amazing!

  20. 7 For Sale from $8.70

    Magical item from the Nigerian master guitarist. The colour scheme/design only add to the alchemy. His albums from the 70s are just about the best ever from the continent, and still affordable...for now!

  21. 16 For Sale from $152.64

    Honestly, I've got no idea if this is from '68 or if they kept pressing it into the 70s. Either way, it's mindblowing shit and I'm glad I own it. Hot take: the second album is even better!

  22. 13 For Sale from $339.51

    The ultimate in Deep Woods Nightmare folk, plus insert.

  23. 4 For Sale from $500.00

    One of the best ever private pressings.