Some Labels

By Strahlen Strahlen
updated 5 months ago

In alphabetical order and updated when I feel like doing it.

  1. Acido Records

    German record label with it's roots somewhere between Berlin in Italy. They release house and techno music with a twist. As the name suggests most of their tunes come with a more or less obvious acid underlay.

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    Torsten Profröck's first record label. The Hard Wax employee delivered his own and others takes on advanced techno between the late 90s and early 00s.

  3. Eat Raw

    Experimental label out of Germany. Released some fine music by artists like for example Jan St. Werne aka Lithops of Mouse On Mars fame.

  4. Erosion

    Torsten Profröck's second label. Mostly stuff under his T++ alias and some digital reissues of his classics.

  5. Faitiche

    Experimental label of german soundbender Jan Jelinek. Home to new Farben releases but also more obscure stuff like the mysterious Ursula Bogner or "Gesellschaft zur Emanzipation des Samples".

  6. Honest Jon's Records

    Home label by the british recordshop of the same name. Delivers loads of reissue compilations of traditional african music but also electronic music by well-known and upcoming artists. The A&R is done by Damon Albarn of Blur/Gorillaz fame.

  7. Nonplace

    Burnt Friedman's own label. Releases always forward-thinking music somewhere inbetween Dub, IDM, Kraut and countless other categories.

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    Nice record label by Gunnar Wendel aka Kassem Mosse. Delivers very diverse, mindbending music somewhere between Ambient, Electro and more experimental realms.

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  10. pdxindub

    Cassette mixtape label focussing on dubwise sounds and likewise styles.

  11. Rather Interesting

    Uwe Schmidt's personal label. He releases mostly his own stuff here under is countless moniker's. There are only a few musicians who can release on such a high rate without too many crap records like Schmidt does.

  12. Sähkö Recordings

    Longstanding finish label known for it's minimalist experimentations but their sound goes way beyond that. Sähkö's different are also worth checking out for a more entirely different musical worlds.

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    Home to the mysterious Gescom collective and other genre-defining artists such as Boards Of Canada, Jega and many others.

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    Cologne record label releasing experimental music. Found by Andi Toma, Jan St. Werner and Frank Dommert. The label is connected to the infamous a-musik recordshop.

  15. Source Records (2)

    Now defunct label of Move D. On Source he released one of the finest electronic music out there by artists such as Roman Flügel, Lowtec, Gescom, Reagenz and many others.

  16. The Trilogy Tapes

    Will Bankhead's (Honest Jon's designer) own label. Releases mostly come on tape but there are some vinyl records, too. Very eclectic collection of recordings.

  17. Workshop

    German label by Lowtec and Even Tuell. They release their very own take of house music and beyond by stable but slowly expanding roster of artists.

  18. 22

    V I S