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List of songwriters and the songs they wrote. Their most well know songs are at the beginning of the list, in bold and alphabetized. Remaining songs are alphabetized separately, and both sections will ignore articles (A, An, The) at the beginnings of words.

Message me if you'd like me to add a name or song to the list.

  1. Great Speckle Bird ✤ Great Speckle Bird No. 2 ✤ Wabash Cannonball ✤ Advice To Joe ✤ All The World Is Lonely Now ✤ As Long As I Live ✤ Battle Of Armageddon ✤ Beautiful Brown Eyes ✤ Beneath That Lonely Mound Of Clay ✤ Big Bad John ✤ Black Mountain Rag ✤ Blue Eyed Darling ✤ Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain ✤ Branded Wherever I Go ✤ Bread & Butter ✤ Do You Wonder Why ✤ Don't Laugh ✤ End Of The World ✤ Fire Ball Mail ✤ Freight Train Blues ✤ Glory Is Coming ✤ Gonna Have A Big Time Tonight ✤ The Great Judgment Morning ✤ Haven Of Dreams ✤ Heading Down The Wrong Highway ✤ Honey You Don't Know My Mind ✤ I Think I'll Go Home And Cry ✤ Ida Red ✤ I'll Just Pretend ✤ I'm Building A Home (In The Sky) ✤ I'm Dying A Sinner's Death ✤ It Won't Be Long (Till I'll Be Leaving) ✤ It's Hard To Love ✤ It's Just That Same Old Line ✤ It's Over ✤ Jambalaya ✤ Just Inside The Pearly Gates ✤ Just Over In The Gloryland ✤ Just To Ease My Worried Mind ✤ Life's Railway To Heaven ✤ Livin' On The Mountain ✤ Lonesome Joe ✤ Lonesome Old River Blues ✤ Lost John, He's Gone ✤ The Night Spots (Of The Town) ✤ Night Train To Memphis ✤ No One Will Ever Know ✤ Not A Word From Home ✤ The Old Age Pension Check ✤ Old Slewfoot ✤ Our Happy Home ✤ (Our Own) Jole Blon ✤ Po' Folks ✤ Precious Jewel ✤ Put My Guitar Away Mommy ✤ Put My Rubber Doll Away ✤ Radio Station S-a-v-e-d ✤ Raining In My Heart ✤ Rollin' In My Sweet Baby's Arms ✤ Rose Connolly ✤ Searching For A Soldier's Grave ✤ Short Changed In Love ✤ Shut Up On The Mines (At Coal Creek) ✤ Smoky Mountain Memories ✤ Smokey Mountain Moon ✤ Steamboat Whistle Blues ✤ Steel Guitar Blues ✤ Streamline Cannonball ✤ Stuck Up Blues ✤ Tear Stained Letter ✤ That Beautiful Picture ✤ That Glory Bound Train ✤ This World Can't Stand Long ✤ (Today) My Love Came Back To Me ✤ Trouble, Trouble Blues ✤ Unloved And Unclaimed ✤ Waiting For My Call To Glory ✤ Waltz Of The Wind ✤ Way Down Deep ✤ Wednesday Night Waltz ✤ Were You There When They Crucified My Lord? ✤ What Would I Do ✤ Where The Soul Never Dies ✤ Whoa Mule ✤ Wonder Is All I Do ✤ Working For The Man ✤ Wreck On The Highway ✤ Write Me Sweetheart ✤ Young And Beautiful

    Worked with Fred Rose. For songs not listed here, see Acuff-Rose.

  2. Cathy's Clown ✤ Auf Wiederseh'n Marlene ✤ The Battle Of New Orleans ✤ Dust On The Bible ✤ I Can't Stop Loving You ✤ I'll Go On Alone ✤ It's A Long, Long Way To Georgia ✤ Gonna Find Me A Bluebird ✤ Little Joe The Wrangler ✤ The Natural ✤ Permanently Lonely ✤ Prelude ✤ The Streets Of Laredo ✤ Think Of What You've Done ✤ Too Old To Cut The Mustard

  3. Beautiful Eyes

  4. Don't Do Something To Someone Else (That You Wouldn't Want Done To You)

  5. Let's Take The Long Way Home
    I Promise You

  6. It's Only A Paper Moon

    For songs not listed here, see [Invalid Artist].

  7. Bless You For Being An Angel

  8. Shine On, Harvest Moon✤ Daffydils ✤ I'm Glad I'm A Boy, I'm Glad I'm A Girl ✤ Just Like A Gypsy ✤ The Man Who Put The Germ In Germany (What Is In The Name?) ✤ Mister Moon-Man ✤ Moon Glow ✤ Turn Off Your Light ✤ Oh, How I Laugh When I Think That I Cried Over You ✤ Please Keep Out Of My Dreams ✤ Prohibition Blues

  9. My Happiness

  10. Remember
    Easter Parade
    I Can't Do Without You
    The Girl That I Marry
    All Alone
    The Song Is Ended (But The Melody Lingers On)
    When I Lost You
    I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm
    A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody
    I've Never Been In Love Before

  11. Toolie Oolie Doolie (The Yodel Polka)

  12. Moonlight And Roses

  13. Maybe You'll Be There

  14. Jealousy (Jalousie)

  15. Swamp Girl

  16. Paradise

  17. Peg O' My Heart

  18. Carolina Moon

  19. I Wish I Could Say The Same

  20. Tea For Two

  21. You've Changed

  22. I Had A Dream

  23. Star Dust
    Rogue River Valley

  24. I'd Trade All Of My Tomorrows (For Just One Yesterday)
    Jealous Heart

  25. Goodbye Girls, I'm Through