Sounds From The Lands Of The Rising Sun

By pale1968
updated 13 days ago

Cinematica, Jazz, Koto-Funk and Easy Listening sounds from Asian countries

  1. 9 For Sale from $27.17

    Amazing compilation with Cinematica & Easy Listening stuff. Emotional and beautiful tunes with cinematica feeling. Great packaging. A must have!

  2. 18 For Sale from $29.35

    Such an amazing compilation!! Jazz, Easy Listening, Rock n' Roll, Cinematica superb tunes from Vietnam. Great packaging too

  3. 21 For Sale from $23.90

    The second volume of these amazing Saigon Supersound series. Great music, great packaging.

  4. 33 For Sale from $19.02

    The legscy continues!! The third volume is as much as beautiful the previous two. Jazz, Rock n' Roll, Cabaret, Easy Listening, Cinematica sounds from Vietnam. Must have!

  5. 54 For Sale from $24.99

    Such a beautiful reissue. Amazing Jazz album my Ryo Fukui full of emotion and great tracks

  6. The smell of broken dreams, forgotten love, cigarettes and alchool. Maki Asakawa is all these. Great compilation by Honest Jons, some great Jazz, Blues, Cabaret tracks

  7. 62 For Sale from $18.75

    Hozan Yamamoto was recognised as a "living national treasure" by the Japanese government in 2002. This highly sought-after album from the Japanese wood flute player is more upbeat and swinging than some of his other records. The big band he recorded this album with (Sharps & Flats) played a big part in the genesis of the album’s groove. Forming in 1951, they helped to make jazz popular in Japan after World War II.

  8. 33 For Sale from $14.81

    Great reissue by Mr.Bongo for one of the legendary Koto-Funk/Jazz-Funk album. A masterpiece from the beginning to the end

  9. 65 For Sale from $20.98

    Another great reissue by Mr.Bongo. Mister Muraoka delivers the goods with an astonishing album. Some superb tracks and cover versions on this

  10. 13 For Sale from $16.30

    Superb Experimental/Electronica/Jazz album by one of Korea's best kept secrets

  11. 9 For Sale from $8.70

    All-time classic compilation by Disorient blending a wide range of Future-Jazz, Downtempo, Easy Listening, Koto Funk, Smokey-Beatz, Pop tunes by some of the finest Japanese artists. Classic

  12. 23 For Sale from $27.17

    Jazz Hip Jap forever! Amazing stuff by Mo'Wax. Smokey beatz, Future Jazz, Latin Jazz at its best

  13. Amazing Shakuhachi & Koto Funk compilation. Some great tracks on this one

  14. Superb Downtempo/Electronica/Future Jazz album by Fumiya Tanaka. Great packaging and amazing music