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updated 4 months ago

I'm collecting and researching 'Motion Picture Scores' / 'Original Sound Tracks (OST)' and 'Soundtrack Collections' for 20+ years.
The first one I went crazy hunting for was "Return of the Living Dead" and from then on I was hooked.
This list is to (hopefully) recommend excellent soundtracks for people to check and also for my own reference... happy listening!

  1. Various - Angel Heart (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

    The record captures perfectly the unique feeling of the movie.

  2. Various - The Return Of The Living Dead (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

    Crazy stuff, the best of the Enigma label during the 80s.
    I recommend the US picture disc, which has some cool dialogue from the movie between the tracks.

    The only glaring omission is the "245 Trioxin Theme", unfortunately never released in any format :(

  3. Vladimir Cosma - Diva (Original Soundtrack Recording)

    16 For Sale from $3.00

    Amazing and beautiful music. Timeless.

  4. Simon Boswell - Aquarius - Sound Horror Fantasy Album

    1 For Sale from $240.96

    Dialogue and music from the obscure splatter flick directed by Michele Soavi (protege of Dario Argento).
    Comes in typically lavish Japanese packaging.

    Released later in an ultra-limited CD version with different tracks and no dialogue.

  5. Various - Dogs In Space (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

    A time capsule of the Australian underground art/music scene in the 80s.

  6. Daniele Patucchi - Turbo Time

    "People Come In" is the highlight, but plenty of other good stuff too, including "Slot Machine".

  7. Pino Donaggio - Due Occhi Diabolici (Colonna Sonora Del Film)

    4 For Sale from $16.27

    The movie is an embarrassment to both Romero and Argento, but on the soundtrack lurks some gems, most notably the title theme "Dreaming Dreams".

  8. Various - Music From The Film Married To The Mob

    34 For Sale from $4.82

    To be honest I'm not much of a fan of this movie either, but the soundtrack is great.
    The obvious standouts being Q. Lazzarus and Voodooist Corporation.

  9. James Horner - Aliens (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

    1 For Sale from $38.46

    Much imitated and recycled, but still powerful and intense.
    An expanded CD version has some tracks not on the record.

  10. Various - Phenomena (Original Soundtrack)

    36 For Sale from $9.64

    Some terrible heavy metal tracks (that never worked in the movie either) redeemed by the Simonetti pieces and the opening theme "Valley" by Bill Wyman.
    Beautiful cover art also.

  11. Luis E. Bacalov* - We Still Kill The Old Way (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

    13 For Sale from $9.00

    Not an easy one to find, the title track features a killer drum break and has been sampled several times.