Space Music I: The Vinyl Rarities List

By mike82 mike82
updated over 4 years ago

Top rarities on wax featuring space, cosmic, inter-dimensional, futuristic, angelic, otherworldy, highly vibrational music outside of this reality.

  1. Danna & Clément* - The White LP

    3 For Sale from $126.87

    Quite one of the "holy grails" of this genre. Reminiscent of 70s era of acid folk rock with a slight taste of the crystal clear ambient sound that followed some years later. $100well spent.

  2. Don Slepian - Computer Don't Breakdown

    4 For Sale from $29.99

    Must have in any electronic music collection. His second album.

  3. Hiroshi Yoshimura - Green

    3 For Sale from $850.00

    One exception, where the original vinyl is equally rare as the German made repress on early Narada sublabels.

  4. Iasos - Angelic Music

    5 For Sale from $88.08

    Most appreciated gem in my electronic new age collection. These miles-ahead of their time ambient drones n e v e r sounded warmer and more spatial on the tape or cd. Only avaliable in brazil.

  5. Georgia Kelly - Winter Classics

    1 For Sale from $29.00

    R2 79337 (1990)
    Jigu GPPL-5014 LP (South Korea)

  6. Constance Demby - Novus Magnificat: Through The Stargate

    1 For Sale from $335.96

    Hearts Of Space 003 1986
    Alfa ALI-28071 LP (Japan)

  7. Bill Douglas - Cantilena

    4 For Sale from $32.73

    Hearts Of Space 021 1990
    11021-1 LP (US)*
    Jigu HOPL-5074 LP (South Korea)**
    * avaliable some years ago, now impossible to find
    **sometimes on eBay