Split artists

By mawiles mawiles
updated 2 days ago

Artists that should probably get split.
Entries #1 to #39 are in progress.

Only split groups with profile marked as invalid.
For other entries, search for official artist websites (Facebook, Soundcloud, Twitter, Mixcloud, Myspace, Youtube, Instagram, archive.org, label websites), biographies, interviews, logos, that could legitimate the group.

Please make sure you split them exactly as on release, using accurate ANVs.

  1. Grube & Hovsepian

    split Full Name Credits
    Tim Grube
    Mike Hovsepian


  2. Dave Schiemann

    change ANV to Alias
    Dawid Schiemann


  3. Pero Coetzee

    change ANV to Alias
    Pero (2)


  4. Jacob & Mendez

    split Full Name Credits
    David Jacob (5)
    Paul Mendez


  5. Will Brookes

    change ANV to Alias
    Will B


  6. 25

    Leon B

    Leon B

    change ANV to Alias
    Leon Baldry