Stereo Supraphon

By blueneon81 blueneon81
updated 2 months ago

This is a WIP list dedicated to releases with specific logotype on center labels used on domestic Supraphon 12" and 7" releases until 1st half of 1972. Excluded are releases with the first center label design (both 12" and 7"), export releases, Gramofonový klub releases and licensed releases which uses both Supraphon logo and logo of original label on center labels. Several releases will be missing, because of not included photos of center labels. In this case I'm not sure, if that particular release has this logotype and then notify me via message to include that release to this list (or upload a photo of center label).

Note: Some releases (export releases, licensed releases,...) may have this specific logotype. In this case these releases are included in this list.