Stones Throw Fan Club 45s

By rappcats rappcats
updated over 3 years ago

In our early days we were approached by an online retailer and asked if we'd press an exclusive 7-inch single for them to give away with the release of Madlib's Yesterdays New Quintet album Angles Without Edges. We did just that, and the resulting record was YNQ's "Rocket Love" (STH4001). It worked out so well, we've continued this series of limited-edition 45s on through the present.

Although we have no "fan club" we called these records "Stones Throw Fan Club 45's." Most of these 45s were planned as giveaways tied to an artist's full-length album for certain U.S. record stores. Others have been packaged with the 1st edition of an album. Most of these songs were outtakes from albums, and many of them remain exclusively released on these 45s. Almost all of them are out of print.

There's only been a couple "fan club 45s" in the past few years, but we've never ended the series. Look for more in coming years.

  1. Yesterdays New Quintet - I Am Singing / Rocket Love

    7 For Sale from $6.67

    2001: Yesterdays New Quintet - Rocket Love (STH4001) released with Yesterdays New Quintet's Angles Without Edges.

  2. Ernie And The Top Notes* - Things Could Be Better / Things Are Better

    6 For Sale from $11.11

    2001: Ernie & The Top Notes - Things Could Be Better (STH4002) released with the compilation The Funky 16 Corners.

  3. Yesterdays New Quintet - The Meaning Of Love

    4 For Sale from $14.61

    2002: Yesterdays New Quintet - The Meaning of Love (STH4003) released with the compilation Jukebox 45s.

  4. Madlib - Theme For Fergus

    10 For Sale from $14.99

    2003: Madlib - Theme for Fergus (STH4004) released with a Galt MacDermot record on MacDermott's Kilmarnock label.

  5. Sound Directions - Skyscrapers

    2003: Sound Directions - Skyscrapers (STH4005) Exclusive for HMV Shibuya Japan) 5th Year Anniversary.

  6. Jaylib Vs. J-Rocc* - Jaylib Vs. J-Rocc

    9 For Sale from $27.78

    2003: Jaylib - Jaylib Vs. J Rocc 7" (STH4006) a short version of J Rocc's Jaylib mixtape, released with Jaylib's album Champion Sound.

  7. Charizma - M-Town E.P.

    11 For Sale from $5.00

    2003: Charizma - M-Town (STH4007) released with Charizma & Peanut Butter Wolf's Big Shots. This track was later reissued on the Charizma anthology.

  8. Madvillain - One Beer

    14 For Sale from $9.95

    2004: Madvillain - One Beer (STH4008) one-sided, etched single released with Madvillainy. Doom later released this on his solo album MM FOOD.

  9. Mr. Magic (9) with Cuzz Band - Magic Life Coast To Coast

    9 For Sale from $8.30

    2004: Mr. Magic - Coast To Coast feat. Cuzz Band, Edited by Edan (STH4009) released with the compilation Third Unheard.

  10. Gary Wilson - 6.4 = Make Out

    9 For Sale from $3.00

    2004: Gary Wilson - 6.4 = Make Out (STH4010) a stunning, previously unreleased long-version of Gary Wilson's "6.4=Make Out," released with Gary Wilson's Mary Had Brown Hair.

  11. Oh No - Last Tango In Oxnard

    10 For Sale from $6.00

    2004: Oh No - Last Tango in Oxnard 7" (STH4011) ... nor can we remember the record this came out with. "Last Tango in Oxnard" is a flip of a Galt MacDermot track.

  12. Oh No / Dudley Perkins - Falling

    6 For Sale from $3.00

    2004: Oh No - Falling (STH4012) Oh No's version of Dudley Perkins' "Falling" b/w Dudley's original.

  13. Quasimoto - The Front

    5 For Sale from $2.50

    2005: Quasimoto - The Front (STH4013) released with Quasimoto's The Further Adventures of Lord Quas.These two tracks were later released on Quasimoto's Yessir Whatever album.

  14. MED* - Don't Sleep

    8 For Sale from $2.50

    2005: MED - Don't Sleep (STH4014) released with MED's Push Comes to Shove.

  15. J Dilla - Donuts 45

    2006: J Dilla - Signs (STH4015) picture disc 45 released with Donuts.

  16. Beat Konducta - Stones Throw Bonus 45 Thing # 16

    9 For Sale from $5.00

    2006: Madlib - Beat Konducta: Untitled Bonus 45 (STH4016) released with Madlib's Beat Konducta Vol. 2: Movie Scenes, The Sequel.

  17. Dudley Perkins - War Goin' On

    17 For Sale from $1.49

    2006: Dudley Perkins - War Goin' On (STH4017) released with Expressions.

  18. Aloe Blacc - About Love

    14 For Sale from $2.00

    2006: Aloe Blacc - About Love (STH4018) released with Aloe Blacc's Shine Through.

  19. Oh No - Believe

    11 For Sale from $3.00

    2006: Oh No - Believe (STH4019) released with Oh No's Exodus into Unheard Rhythms.

  20. Percee P - Raw Heat (Original Version)

    16 For Sale from $5.56

    2006: Percee P - Raw Heat Original Version) (STH4020) picture disc released with the compilation Chrome Children.

  21. J Dilla - Dirty Crushin'

    11 For Sale from $14.92

    2007: J Dilla - Dirty Crushin (STH4021) released with Stones Throw's reissue of J Dilla's Rough Draft.

  22. Oh No - Ghetto First

    12 For Sale from $4.43

    2007: Oh No - Ghetto First (STH4022) released with Dr. No's Oxperiment.

  23. Beat Konducta - Raw Ground Wire Hump

    5 For Sale from $5.25

    2007: Madlib - Raw Ground Wire Hump (STH4023) released with Beat Konducta in India.

  24. Baron Zen - The Right Stuff / Broke Christmas In Brooklyn

    15 For Sale from $1.85

    2007: Baron Zen - The Right Stuff (STH4024) released with Baron Zen's album.

  25. Percee P - The Hand That Leads You

    16 For Sale from $3.88

    2007: Percee P - The Hand That Leads You (Egg Roll Version) (STH4025) released with Percee P's Perseverance.