Super Sexy Singular Sevens

By tvdisko tvdisko
updated 1 day ago

Just a few of my favourite 7-inch singles that I like to play out every so often. Various tempos, a fair few edits, some golden oldies, curious covers, and plenty of choice oddities. Suitable for many occasions.

  1. Claude Morgan - Loin D'Alice / Le Shérif Qui Danse

    3 For Sale from $14.77

    "Le sherif..." is the go-to track here.

  2. Unknown Artist - Spliff Dub

    Great edit of Nina Hagen.

  3. Scool - Roll Baby Roll / Downtown Lights

    5 For Sale from $2.95

    "Downtown Lights" is a great Michael Cretu-produced bit of genius.

  4. Ron (16) - Hai Capito O No?

    Italian version of "Say No Go."

  5. Waylon - Creme De La Creme

    2 For Sale from $56.82

    Both sides some oddball greatness.

  6. Rina Berti - Viens Dans Mes Reves / Quand Je Danse

    2 For Sale from $29.99

    Choice French cover of "Stayin' Alive."

  7. Bagarre - Lemonsweet

    15 For Sale from $3.41

    Leftfield disco about dropping acid and hitting Studio 54.