Swedish Funk, Disco, Boogie, Breaks & Samples

By Kepe Kepe
updated over 7 years ago

Just noticed another day that I see forgotten 1€ Swedish gems everyday on flea-markets. I laid some of that wax on my tables and instantly felt the funk in me.

As a former B-Boy this list is completely about Swedish Funk, Disco, Grooves, B-Boy breaks, Hip-hop style loop material and other music I feel.

Feel free to comment, correct or suggest additions with Discogs mail. I've got about 200-300 records on my wantlist that are still missing on this list.

Some examples of other excellent pieces not yet in discogs:

Yambu - S/T LP (latin-jazz/percussion)
Lena Maria & Sweet Wine - Family OST LP (bboy break)
Life - S/T LP (1982) (jazz-funk/boogie)
Daniel Lopez Orkester - Gymnastiksspelskivan LP (mfsb - sexy cover)
Gunnel Derning Och Mikael Lammgård - Öppen LP
Blåspopparna - The Start Of Something Big (Hudiksvalls Komm. Musikskola) LP (Play That Funky Music, Dock Of Bay, Son Of Preacher)
Rune Öfvermann & Funky Strings - My Groovy Friends LP (60/70 groove/funk)
Snövit & Dom OST LP
Rapid - Hej - Brannpers Funky 7"
Gimmicks - Ge Mig Mer 7" (kool&gang cover)
Decibel... - Long Train Running EP
Rune Gustafsson - Rune At The Top LP (grooves)
Gabriel - S/T LP (modern soul)
Björn Borseman - Kuben LP (Gymnastikförbundet)
Yngve Furens Orkester - Femman LP (Gymnastikförbundet)
Musik Till Gymnastik (Gymnastikförbundet SGF 158, 1980) (Iimpossible to find!! Instrumental? Disco covers like "K-Jee", "September", "Knock On Wood")
Blixt & Dunder - S/T LP (funk-rock)
Lars Samuelsson - Lasse Spelar Lasse LP (jazz-funk)
Bengalen - S/T LP (funky pop-rock)
Lennie Norman - Transport LP (uptempo disco/rock break)
Wlodek Gulgowski - Home LP (electro/dance)
Måns Mossa - Måns Mossa LP (1979) (uptempo jazz-funk)
Ablution - Ablution LP (funk/break)
Ardy & Lasse - Öronpaj LP (1973) ("charterplayboy jazz-funk)
Grassroots - ST LP (1981) (uptempo modern soul)
Imorgon Paris - Funk Reactor 12" EP (CTR-682, 1982)(superrare jazz-funk)
Djingis Brothers - Keep On Dancing (To The Funk) / We Wanna Party 7" (KSD 1002) (rare disco-funk)
Intermezzo Med Lars Persson - Operation Dagsverke Sydjemen 7'' (Super rare, Super funky bboy-breaks)
Lars Berghagen & Björn J-son Lindh - Dante akta're för hajen 7'' (Rare soundtrack, disco)

15.6.2014 UPDATE: Added Studio - Vie De Vogue, Yngve Furens Orkester - Femman, Djingis Brothers, Extra & Others

  1. Micke Hagström* - Fountain Of Youth

    12 For Sale from $4.84

    Uptempo Curtis Mayfield's "Move On Up" cover + heavy b-boy bongos on Body Language by Reebop Kwaku Baah

  2. Fred's Laundry - Big Man

    1 For Sale from $36.46

    Simply said: 5 starts (*****)! Maybe the biggest holy grail of Sweden 80's funk-boogie/pop rap on small Sir Lancelot label (same as Plaza & Betina). All tracks are winners. Saw this once on a local salvation army for 1€, but didn't bought that time. Now it goes for big bucks on ebay =( Only 1000 copies pressed?

  3. Funky Team (2) - Disco Groovin'

    12 For Sale from $40.67

    5 Stars (*****). One of the best and most in demand Swedish modern soul/disco gems. Excellent grooves. Not a bad track on the album.

  4. Lasse Samuelson* - Disco-Dance-Party

    6 For Sale from $7.29

    Instrumental Jazz-Funk/Disco. Superb funky "Sunnysound" + "Star Wars" disco cover. Also Stevie Wonder "Sir Duke" cover. Big + to Obi-Lasse-Wan on back cover!

  5. Anders Berglund - Stockholm Skyline

    3 For Sale from $8.32

    Totally awesome and slept on lp full of instrumental disco/jazz-funk renditions of some big 70's Swedish hits. Recommended big time!!

  6. Boogie (13) - Boogie

    VERY rare Swedish Soul/Jazzfunk/Disco/Rock lp. "Get Down" is a nice cover of Gene Chandler's disco classic. Topsy is very close to Meco's disco version. "Just Begun" is a superb uptempo jazz-funk jam. Rest of the album is more like groovy soul and rock. Very nice album all in all.

  7. Glendisco - Glendisco

    3 For Sale from $20.83

    Excellent and totally slept on straight up Swedish disco on small label. Not a bad track on this one.

  8. Berglund (3) - 1984 Blues

    7 For Sale from $10.36

    Super rare Swedish synth-pop/boogie on private label. Only a few thousand copies pressed! "Armed And Dangerous" is amongst the best tracks on the album.

  9. Nils Landgren - Streetfighter

    6 For Sale from $5.21

    Get Serious, Get Job" is early 80's rap in GM Flash style + funky James Brown cover "Sex Machine" with drumbreak + Zapp & Roger style vocoder track: "Computer Love".

  10. Safari (11) - That Was Then, This Is Now

    5 For Sale from $15.99

    Superb and in demand Swedish modern soul/freesoul/aor with the best track being "Give Me Your Love Tonight". Also 2 nice instrumentals.

  11. Björn J:Son Lindh - Musik

    36 For Sale from $2.42

    ***** (5 star) "Ur Pumpen" is an uptempo instrumental disco-groove with flute. Compiled on DJ Pesa's bboy mixtape in the late 90's.

  12. Little Mike And The Sweet Soul Music Band - Let's Do It!

    17 For Sale from $2.59

    (*****) 5 star 80's funk/soul lp. Funk/breaks/nu-soul. Wilson Picket's "Don't Knock My Love" cover with funky break. Also Jimmy Bo Horne's "Dance Across The Floor" cover.

  13. Little Mike And The Sweet Soul Music Band - Dance Across The Floor

    33 For Sale from $1.03

    Very funky Jimmy Bo Horne's "Dance Across The Floor" cover + Instrumental.

  14. Little Mike And The Sweet Soul Music Band - Get On Up!

    35 For Sale from $2.08

    ***** 5 Star funk lp. Straight up funk, 80's rappin' + funk/soul covers like Isaac Hayes "Soul Man".

  15. Merit Hemmingson & Folkmusikgruppen - Bergtagen

    28 For Sale from $2.34

    ***** 5 star Hammond grooves & folk-funk. Super-funky!

  16. Merit Hemmingson - Trollskog (Mer Svensk Folkmusik På Beat)

    25 For Sale from $3.12

    ***** 5 star Superb funky Hammond/folk-funk.

  17. Merit Hemmingson - Huvva! - Svensk Folkmusik På Beat

    11 For Sale from $4.17

    As her other lp's. Great hammond-grooves, and folk-funk.

  18. Shine (20) - Shine

    13 For Sale from $4.84

    ***** (5 star) 80's funk/boogie with heavy vocoder.

  19. Shine (20) - Equality / Give Your Love A Chance

    4 For Sale from $12.50

    Rare Swedish disco/boogie 7". B-side: "Give Your Love A Chance" only released on this special single.

  20. Per Cussion - Don't Stop

    7 For Sale from $6.68

    (*****) 5 Star Early 80's Rap/Funk-Boogie. Music video for Don't Stop was one of the first Swedish music videos featuring hip-hop culture and breakdancing.

  21. Per Cussion - Beatwave

    6 For Sale from $3.12

    80's rap/funk-boogie

  22. Per Cussion - Everybody's Talking

    20 For Sale from $4.16

    Superb straight up electro/80's electronic dance album. Sounds like Paul Hardcastle and Herbie Hancock's "Rockit", even similar to some Afrika Bambaataa songs at times.

  23. Chris Linn - Quiver Of Life

    4 For Sale from $5.81

    Excellent groovy 80's Disco-synth-pop album with styles varying from more synthish "Santa Monica Blue Waves" to pretty straight up 80's boogie on "Procrastination".

  24. The Impossibles (3) - Hot Pepper

    8 For Sale from $67.71

    One of the finest, rarest, funkiest and most expensive piece of funk from Sweden by this Thai band. Very nice Kool & The Gang covers "Live The Life You Live" & "Give It Up" for example.

  25. Sabu Martinez - Afro Temple

    Impossible to find holy grail of Swedish lp's. Classic break on "Hotel Alyssa-Sousse, Tunisia". $200 to $400 on original pressing.