Swedish Funk, Disco, Boogie, Breaks & Samples

By Kepe Kepe
updated over 2 years ago

Just noticed another day that I see forgotten 1€ Swedish gems everyday on flea-markets. I laid some of that wax on my tables and instantly felt the funk in me.

As a former B-Boy this list is completely about Swedish Funk, Disco, Grooves, B-Boy breaks, Hip-hop style loop material and other music I feel.

Feel free to comment, correct or suggest additions with Discogs mail. I've got about 200-300 records on my wantlist that are still missing on this list.

Some examples of other excellent pieces not yet in discogs:

Yambu - S/T LP (latin-jazz/percussion)
Lena Maria & Sweet Wine - Family OST LP (bboy break)
Life - S/T LP (1982) (jazz-funk/boogie)
Daniel Lopez Orkester - Gymnastiksspelskivan LP (mfsb - sexy cover)
Gunnel Derning Och Mikael Lammgård - Öppen LP
Blåspopparna - The Start Of Something Big (Hudiksvalls Komm. Musikskola) LP (Play That Funky Music, Dock Of Bay, Son Of Preacher)
Rune Öfvermann & Funky Strings - My Groovy Friends LP (60/70 groove/funk)
Snövit & Dom OST LP
Rapid - Hej - Brannpers Funky 7"
Gimmicks - Ge Mig Mer 7" (kool&gang cover)
Decibel... - Long Train Running EP
Rune Gustafsson - Rune At The Top LP (grooves)
Gabriel - S/T LP (modern soul)
Björn Borseman - Kuben LP (Gymnastikförbundet)
Yngve Furens Orkester - Femman LP (Gymnastikförbundet)
Musik Till Gymnastik (Gymnastikförbundet SGF 158, 1980) (Iimpossible to find!! Instrumental? Disco covers like "K-Jee", "September", "Knock On Wood")
Blixt & Dunder - S/T LP (funk-rock)
Lars Samuelsson - Lasse Spelar Lasse LP (jazz-funk)
Bengalen - S/T LP (funky pop-rock)
Lennie Norman - Transport LP (uptempo disco/rock break)
Wlodek Gulgowski - Home LP (electro/dance)
Måns Mossa - Måns Mossa LP (1979) (uptempo jazz-funk)
Ablution - Ablution LP (funk/break)
Ardy & Lasse - Öronpaj LP (1973) ("charterplayboy jazz-funk)
Grassroots - ST LP (1981) (uptempo modern soul)
Imorgon Paris - Funk Reactor 12" EP (CTR-682, 1982)(superrare jazz-funk)
Djingis Brothers - Keep On Dancing (To The Funk) / We Wanna Party 7" (KSD 1002) (rare disco-funk)
Intermezzo Med Lars Persson - Operation Dagsverke Sydjemen 7'' (Super rare, Super funky bboy-breaks)
Lars Berghagen & Björn J-son Lindh - Dante akta're för hajen 7'' (Rare soundtrack, disco)

15.6.2014 UPDATE: Added Studio - Vie De Vogue, Yngve Furens Orkester - Femman, Djingis Brothers, Extra & Others

  1. Stardust International & Tayfun* - Stardust International & Tayfun

    Super-rare ($150 to $500) Swedish jazz-funk holy grail lp. "As'i Es La Vida" is the top track havin' very funky straight bboy style drumbreak.

  2. The Spotnicks - Feelings

    5 Stars (*****) One of their best albums with crazy uptempo bboy funk/rock/break "Yaksoba". Also "13 Questions" and "Disco Freaks" are superb.

  3. Spotnicks* - Saturday Night Music

    Sought after album with a great cover of "Take Me To The Mardi Gras" with nice drumbreak.

  4. Svenska Löd AB - Hörselmat

    Rarest & absolutely impossible to find (1000$+) Swedish Jazz-Funk. Not many copies pressed? One of the most expensive records I've ever came across.

  5. Modern Sound Corporation - Dancin' Feet

    (*****) 5 star Afro/Disco/Funk. Heavy Calypso B-Boy breaks.

  6. Modern Sound Corporation - Safari

    Extended 12" version of this super Afro-funk with Calypso B-boy Breaks.

  7. Happy Boys Band - Bush / Maria

    Very nice Afro-Funk/Jazz 12" with 3 heavy percussive songs and open drumbreaks.

  8. Berndt Egerbladh - African Suite

    Excellent afro-jazz/afro-funk album with mad breaks and open percussion.

  9. Hot Salsa - Hot Salsa

    The best Swedish latin-funk there is. Also Uptempo bongobreak on beginning of "Get In The Groove".

  10. Hot Salsa - Vamonos Pa' Cuba

    Ignore the year on this one. Top notch latin funk/jazz from this legendary Swedish band. Lots of open percussion and latin bboy-breaks everywhere.

  11. Dynamite Brass - Dynamite Brass

    Very rare, pretty expensive and always in demand Swedish latin-funk album. Crazy bongo-breaks ie. on "Music Talk" & "Fura De Fira".

  12. Yngve Forssélls Orkester - The House Of The Rising Sun

    Rhythm Heritage's "Theme From SWAT" cover with drumbreak + Disco cover of Animal's "House Of The Rising Sun".

  13. Slim Borgudd* - Funky Formula

    Pretty rare Swedish straight up funk LP, by this ex-Formula 1 driver =)

  14. Batuca Band - Space Contact

    One of the best straight up funk/disco albums (*****) from Sweden I've come across full of b-boy style open drum breaks.

  15. Agneta Baumann - I Am An Illusion

    Grover Washington, Jr. cover "Just The Two Of Us" + disco/soul "Time Will Tell"

  16. Sten Carlsson & Salta Mandlar - Extrasaltat

    Uptempo bboy-style rock cover of "I'm A Man" with 40sec long open drumbreak. Also fine Stevie Wonder "I Wish" cover.

  17. Forbes (2) - Big Deal

    Funky drumbreak on "Do It". 70's TV-Theme style instrum. disco "Big Deal".

  18. Forbes (2) - Sure I'm Scared Of Flying But ...

    Their 2nd lp. Very nice and insanely rare private pressed free soul/aor

  19. Various - Freak Out (Soundtrack From The TV-Special Bagen)

    Almost every country had their own Breakdance-Electro lp in 1984 when bboying craze hit the world. This is Swedish contribution and very good one.

  20. Mr. Bradish - Bureaucratic Boogie / I Wonder What The Hell I´m Gonna Do

    (***** star) Swedish boogie. As the intro suggests: "Boys and Girls, comin' to you live with the latest electric boogie dance song, put on your electric-boogie dancin' shoes.".. Also released on super rare Fred's Laundry LP, but b-side mix/version only appears on this single.

  21. Various - Knights Of The Round Table

    Insanely rare 80's boogie/modern soul compilation. All the best Swedish acts of this genre on same LP (Plaza, Betina, Mr. Bradish, Gaston Bros etc.) + Betina's "Far Away" song only released on this compilation.

  22. The Studio (2) - Låt Mig Få Stanna / Vie De Vogue

    Top notch Tomas Blank produced modern soul/boogie tune "Vie De Vogue" only on this rare 7'' single.

  23. Tomas Blank - A Mission For A Man

    über rare Swedish electro/vocoder synth-pop boogie on tiny Plinque Plonque Musique label.

  24. Alex's Pro - Alex's Pro Album

    Pretty good and rare private pressed 80's boogie/modern soul/pop rock LP. The best track is propably "I tell you because" with those happy synths somehow reminding me of Aaron Broomfield's superb boogie classic "Polyphase".

  25. Sticky Stuff - Sticky Stuff

    Rare private press Modern Soul/Boogie/Early funk-rappin' Ep. Perfect grooves for hot summer nights.