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  1. Various - Soul In The Hole

    16 For Sale from $2.75

    The Game Of Life (Dead Prez)
    Rare Species (Mobb Deep)
    Against The Grain (Sauce Money)
    Main Aim (The Dwellas)
    Soul In The Hole (Wu All-Stars)
    Diesel (Wu-Tang Clan)

  2. Various - Tales From The Hood (The Soundtrack)

    9 For Sale from $5.00

    Born II Die (Spice 1)
    Ol' Dirty's Back (Ol' Dirty Bastard)
    N.G.N. (The Grave)
    Death Represent My Hood (Bokie Loc)
    From The Dark Side (Gravediggaz)
    Let Me At Them (Wu-Tang Clan)
    I'm Talkin To Myself (Nme & Grench The Mean 1)

  3. Various - Sunset Park (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

    24 For Sale from $0.44

    Just Doggin' (Tha Dogg Pound)
    We Don't Need It (Junior M.A.F.I.A.)

  4. Various - High School High (Music From And Inspired By The Motion Picture)

    44 For Sale from $1.08

    Get Down For Mine (Real Live)
    Semi-Automatic: Full Rap Metal Jacket (Inspectah Deck & U-God)

  5. Various - Slam (The Soundtrack)

    16 For Sale from $0.88

    Take A Walk In My Shoes (Flipmode Squad)

  6. Various - "The Wash" Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

    4 For Sale from $2.27

    Bad Intentions (Dr. Dre & Knoc-turn'al)
    No (Joe Beast)
    The Wash (Snoop Dogg & Dr. Dre)

  7. Various - How High (The Soundtrack)

    35 For Sale from $1.30

    Cisco Kid (Method Man & Redman)
    N 2 Gether Now (Limp Bizkit & Method Man)
    How High Remix (Method Man & Redman)

  8. Defari - Focused Daily

    7 For Sale from $2.60

    Focused Daily
    Never Lose Touch
    Keep It On The Rise
    Lowlands Anthem Pt.1
    Yes Indeed
    These Dreams
    Juggle Me (For The DJ's)
    Thunder & Lightning

  9. Artifacts - That's Them

    11 For Sale from $7.78

    31 Bumrush
    Collaboration Of Mics
    The Ultimate
    The Ultimate (Remix)

  10. Ill Al Skratch - Creep Wit' Me

    9 For Sale from $10.00

    Where My Homiez? (Come Around My Way)
    Creep Wit' Me

  11. Slick Rick - Behind Bars

    7 For Sale from $6.99

    Behind Bars
    Sittin' In My Car
    A Love That's True (Part I)
    Let's All Get Down
    I'm Captive
    A Love That's True (Part II)
    Behind Bars (Dum Ditty Dum Mix)

  12. Akrobatik - Balance

    The Hand That Rocks The Cradle
    Remind My Soul
    The Bonecrusher
    Always Bet On Ak

  13. Louis Logic - Sin-A-Matic

    2 For Sale from $9.99

    Dos Factotum
    Coochie Coup

  14. Kno - Death Is Silent

    2 For Sale from $107.95

    La Petite Mort (Come Die With Me)
    When I Was Young
    Not At The End

  15. Marq Spekt & Kno - Machete Vision

    1 For Sale from $34.09

    All Smiles (Plastic Mask)
    The Devil

  16. CunninLynguists - Dirty Acres

    7 For Sale from $12.00

    Valley Of Death
    Dance For Me
    Things I Dream

  17. CunninLynguists - Strange Journey Volume One

    Nothing But Strangeness
    Never Come Down (The Brownie Song)
    Dance For Me (Remix)
    Die For You
    Georgia (Remix)
    KKKY (Remix)
    Broken Van (Thinking Of You)

  18. CunninLynguists - Strange Journey Volume Two

    7 For Sale from $36.00

    The WWKYA Tour Remix (Substantial)
    Tear Tracks (Cashmere The PRO)
    Running Wild
    Everywhere (Witchdoctor)

  19. CunninLynguists - Oneirology

    6 For Sale from $15.99

    Predormitum (Prologue)
    Murder (Act II)
    My Habit (I Haven't Changed)
    Get Ignorant
    Stars Shine Brightest (In The Darkest Of Night)
    Enemies With Benefits

  20. Main Flow And 7L - Flow Season

    8 For Sale from $12.50

    Hold Lines
    No Gangsta
    Top Scholars
    Permission To Speak

  21. 7L And Beyonder (2) - Vinyl Thug Music

    5 For Sale from $7.58

    Mercy Killing (7L & Esoteric)

  22. Jeru The Damaja - Divine Design

    1 For Sale from $19.32

    True Skillz
    Murda 1
    Da Game
    Rasta Powers
    Rap Wars

  23. Automator* - A Much Better Tomorrow

    22 For Sale from $2.00

    King Of N.Y. (Kool Keith)
    I Want Da Mic (Kool Keith)
    Wiling (Neph The Madman)
    Cartoon Capers (Kool Keith)
    Buck Buck (Poet)
    It's Over Now (Kool Keith)

  24. Wu Block - Wu Block

    3 For Sale from $8.51

    Crack Spot Stories
    Different Time Zones
    Bust Shots
    Bust Shots (Andrew Kelly Remix)

  25. Inspectah Deck - The Movement

    Bumpin' And Grindin'