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updated about 1 month ago

'RELEASE DATE' ORDER, One record per band, and limited to 200, so if one record enters the top, another's fired. A few bands, beeween two styles, appear in two TOP's, but with two differents records. Anyway, don't mind and keep cool. ++ FABIEN.

  1. Possessed - Seven Churches

    One of the first deathrash records, alongside 'Morbid Visions' or 'Abominations of Desolations'. Devil inside!

  2. Sepultura - Morbid Visions

    Raw and satanic deathmetal from Brazil. Unavoidable!

  3. Repulsion - Slaughter Of The Innocent

    Fast and sick! One of my greatest records!

  4. Death (2) - Leprosy

    After the crushing Scream Bloody Gore (Death) or Season of the Dead (Necrophagia (not in this TOP, sorry)), Leprosy took the world by storm! One of the most influential record ever! Touch, the flesh is so cold!

  5. Autopsy (2) - Severed Survival

    One of the sickest album of all times, alongside the somophore record 'Mental Funeral'.

  6. Morbid Angel - Altars Of Madness

    One of the best records ever! Hail Morbid Angel! Don't underestimate 'Blessed are the Sick' or Gateways of Annihilation'!

  7. Obituary - Slowly We Rot

    Crushings vocals and killer-riffs! Simple and efficient style. Highly influential !

  8. Exmortis - Immortality's End

    Crushing demo-tape and highly promising band at this time! Unfortunately no full-lenght will follow.

  9. Pestilence - Consuming Impulse

    European deathmetal at its best! One of the most brutal, finest and influential record ever! Don't forget the great follower 'Testimoy of the Ancients'!

  10. Morgoth - The Eternal Fall

    One of the first german deathmetal bands, and one of the greatest!

  11. Cancer (3) - To The Gory End

    UK deathmetal with killer-riffing! Into the acid!

  12. Entombed - Left Hand Path

    The first, the greatest and the most influential swedish deathmetal record ever!

  13. Deicide - Deicide

    Evil inside! Unavoidable! Don't underestimate the dark power of 'Legion'!

  14. Delirium (18) - Zzooouhh

    Great dutch's deathmetal. Underestmated and pioneering band from Holland!

  15. Grotesque - Incantation

    One of the darkest swedish deathmetal records ever!

  16. Nocturnus - The Key

    The best key for a dark journey. The first deathmetal band using keyboards.

  17. Agressor - Neverending Destiny

    Amazing french deathrash. Hyperfast and killer-riffs!

  18. Sadus - Swallowed In Black

    One of the fastest deathrash records ever! Dark!

  19. Napalm Death - Harmony Corruption

    The most oriented deathmetal record among Napalm Death's discography. A Masterpiece. Incredible Mick Harris' drums patterns!

  20. Master (2) - Master

    Simple et highly efficient! Killer-riffs!

  21. Atrocity - Hallucinations

    Great technical deathmetal from Germany!

  22. Incubus (3) - Beyond The Unknown

    More deathmetal oriented than the killer thrashing 'Serpent Temptation' record!

  23. Carnage (4) - Dark Recollections

    The second swedish surprise after Left Hand Path!

  24. Dark Throne* - Soulside Journey

    One of the darkest. Darkdeath at its best!