By Fabien_ Fabien_
updated 6 months ago

'RELEASE DATE' ORDER, One record per band, and limited to 200, so if one record enters the top, another's fired. A few bands, beeween two styles, appear in two TOP's, but with two differents records. Anyway, don't mind and keep cool. ++ FABIEN.

  1. Venom (8) - Black Metal

    Heavy/speed from UK with hellish aura. Second Venom's record, and the confirmation of the birth of thrashmetal and blackmetal.

  2. Metallica - Ride The Lightning

    Immense speed/thrash, as good & important as Kill 'em All and Master of Puppets!

  3. Omen (3) - Battle Cry

    US power/speed masterpiece. Death Rider!

  4. Running Wild - Gates To Purgatory

    Great german heavy/speed!

  5. Metal Church - Metal Church

    Perfect US mix between heavymetal and thrashmetal influences.

  6. Whiplash (5) - Power And Pain

    Fast and angry speed/thrash from USA!

  7. Liege Lord - Freedom's Rise

    One of the most important power/speed records from US!

  8. Exodus (6) - Bonded By Blood

    Thrashmetal at its best! Masterpiece!

  9. Blessed Death - Kill Or Be Killed

    Great speed/thrash from US!

  10. S.O.D.: Stormtroopers Of Death* - Speak English Or Die

    The unavoidable thrash/hardcore project from members of Anthrax and Nuclear Assault. Mosh!

  11. Grave Digger (2) - Witch Hunter

    Another great german heavy/speed! Somophore record of Grave Digger, more speed than the debut-album!

  12. Tröjan - Chasing The Storm

    Energetic speed from UK. Great!

  13. Destruction - Infernal Overkill

    German thrashmetal attack at its best! Masterpiece!

  14. Warrant (3) - The Enforcer

    Pure german speedmetal. Great!

  15. Piledriver (2) - Metal Inquisition

    Sick & ugly canadian speedmetal!

  16. Exciter - Long Live The Loud

    Epic speedmetal from Canada. The third record of Exciter and my favorite. Masterpiece!

  17. Destructor - Maximum Destruction

    Great speed/thrash from USA!

  18. Carnivore - Carnivore

    Angry speed/thrash with hardcore feeling!

  19. Iron Angel - Hellish Crossfire

    Unavoidable speedmetal from Germany. Masterpiece!

  20. Abattoir - Vicious Attack

    Another unavoidable speedmetal from USA!

  21. Agent Steel - Skeptics Apocalypse

    The US speedmetal masterpiece!

  22. Nasty Savage - Nasty Savage

    Super speed/thrash from Floridia!

  23. Slayer - Hell Awaits

    My favorite album of all times. Immense hellish thrashmetal, as important as Show no Mercy and Reign in Blood!

  24. Savage Grace - Master Of Disguise

    One of the best US speedmetal records!

  25. Attacker - Battle At Helms Deep

    Great power/speed from US! Epic!