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This is a list of all the hot EDIT LABELS in no descent legend:

My personally range of the TOP TWELVE serious editors of the world are:

1. DIM (Dimitri From Paris; Dimitri From Tokyo; Dimitri From Stoke On Trents, ...)
2. MICHAEL GRAY (Michael Anthony Shefford Malcolm Gray and half of FULL INTENSION)
3. KON (King Of Nothing aka Christian Taylor)
4. Kenny Dope ex equo LOUIE VEGA and both as MAW
5. Mr. K (Danny Krivit)
6. Joey Negro (David Russell Lee)
8. Frankie Knuckles
9. Dr Packer (Greg Packer)
10. The Reflex (Nicholas Laugier)
11. DJ V (Valentin Golovachev)
12. RAHAAN (Rahaan Young from Chicago)

follow also:
Ray Mang; DJ Harvey (Harvey William Bassett); DJ Spen (Sean Spencer); Timmy Regisford; Francois K (Francois Kevorkian); Aroop Roy; Quentin Harris; Rob Mellow; Onur Engin; DJ VAS (Cyril Vaschetto); Lay-Far (Alexander Leyfa); Moplen (Luca Locatelli); Theo Parrish; Beatconductor (Ture Sjöberg); Leftside Wobble; The Patchouli Bros; Krewcial; Dicky Trisco (Barry Reeves); Young Pulse; Opolopo (Peter Major); DJ Spinna; Toomy Disco; Mike Maurro; Andy Hart; Tom Moulton; Chrissy Edits (Chrissy Chirley); Gay Marvine (Chuck Hampton); M&M (John Morales); COEO; Fouk (Daniel Leseman); Junktion (Hans Peeman); Mr. V (Victor Font); C2C4 (Carl Craig); Nebraska (Alistair Gibbs); LTJ Edits (Luca Trevisi); Lego Edits (Diego Lelli); Sleazy McQueen (Laurin Fedora); Pontchartrain; ThatManMonkz (Scott Moncriett); Eddie C; Hotmood (Guillermo Gonzalez Santana); Frank Booker; Daniel Solar (Daniel Goehr); Alkalino (Lino R. Polónio); JKriv (Jason Kriveloff); Andy Ash; Social Disco Club (Humberto Matias); Get Down Edits (Darren Daz Dalton); Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee (Dave Allison); Pete Herbert; Moodena (Tim Burrett); Sartorial; C Da Afro (Christos Antoniou), DJ Snips (Todd Worship); Fingerman (Gregg Holmes); Sune (Emile Sunesson); Admin (Adam Wickes); Crazy P (Chris Todd & Jim Baron); Nick The Record (Nick Girdwood); Dan (Dan Tyler as Part Of The Idjut Boys); Lovebirds (Sebastian Döring); Yam Who (Andy Williams); Rayko (Raico Peña); DJ Monchan (Toshihiro Moriguchi); Dan Shake (Daniel Rose-Weir); Sunner Soul (Alexander Chebankov); Riccio (Riccardo Zanaroli); Purple Disco Machine (Tino Piontek); HOLDTight; Denis Sulta (Hector Barbour); SMBD aka Simbad (Pierre Louis Stanislas Renouf); Superprince (Shawn Ryan, Jeffrey Levi Fry); San Soda (Nicolas Geysens); DJ Sneak aka DT (Carlos Sosa);...

  1. not all are edits

  2. Onur Ening label and his edits

  3. more funky stuff Sly Stone, Gill Scott Heron, etc...

  4. one, two and three!

  5. mostly disco edits with few surprises

  6. Mr Paul Raymond super disco brekas but no breaks and more disco

  7. funky edits from James Brown, etc...

  8. 8


  9. fukkin hard rare tunes most ReIssues some edited, cuttet, longer version or Instrumental previously unissued.

  10. 10

    some of them nobody knows.... at the beginning more Black Devil Disco edit stuff, later also house edits and tracks from Ray Mang

  11. Dimitri From Paris, Idjut Boys, Joey Negro, Ray Mang, ...

  12. most of them are hot but not all, lots of edits but not all. Say hi to the booty boys!

  13. oh yes! most by Joey Negro, some are real edits, some are almost no edits

  14. some are Remixes, longer cuts or slight edits. The rest are bootlegs. The D Series are 80tie Pop and NewWave boot stuff but nice compiled.

  15. DJ Monchan edits!

  16. check those three if you like

  17. nothing to recall

  18. 19

    only one from Shhhhh but cool!

  19. only one but simply amazing Nick Straker's best house edit

  20. check the ltd series