Techno: Oldschool Techno 1981 - 1991

By Fernand8 Fernand8
updated 5 months ago

Detroit Techno & who ever joined the feel of the initiators.
Out of Funk came more stripped to the bone, some HI-NRG elements and/or Electro, later more House elements but always Industrial Technology Funk. Not being Acid House nor Hip Hop.

Afther this it either went to: Minimal Techno, Techno Rave, Hardcore Techno and of course Retro Detroit Techno.

I am a generalist not a specialist. I make these lists to breakdown my collection and wantlist into (sub)genres. I constantly try to improve my lists so they are never complete. I am happy to incorporate suggestions, but please raise the bar.

  1. Cybotron - Enter

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  2. Model 500 - No UFO's

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