Techno: Rave 1988 - 1995

By Fernand8
updated 6 months ago

Where House music and Techno came together for outdoor and warehouse parties.

Out of Techno (Detroit), Hard Beat (Belgium) and just before Trance, there was this more European Rave culture.
The pure Break Beat (also played at Raves) is on another list.
This list is; the UK (some cross-over Break Beat and Leftfield included) Rave, Belgium/Dutch/German Hard beat Techno. The Hardcore moved into Gabber. Despite people calling Gabber, Hardcore House and Happy Hard Core; Rave. they are not ravers and that music is not Rave.
Rave parties were inbetween 1988 - 1995 with music like on this list. The whole atmosphere is completely different and there is no compare except we all love the music of our time.

What is true is that by 1991 a younger generation pumped up the pitch and started Gabber and made it a culture on its own. The dance is different, the clothing is different, the hair do is different, the audience much younger, the music more childish. As any genre that becomes popular has to go through that before passing away.

By 1995 (Oldschool) Rave ended. Movies like Trainspotting came just in time. The genre splitted in two extremes. On one hand we have Gabber and Happy Hardcore. And on the other hand we have very abstract Techno (like Minimal and Dub Techno). Basicly you had to be 16 (for Gabber) or an audiophile (for Minimal).
So most of us Ravers had to go for Deep House, Retro stuff, Trance or Tech House. Some took the dead end of Speed Garage or UK Garage which both to me are horrible genres.

Rave combined New Beat, Acid House and Early Techno.

I am a generalist not a specialist. I make these lists to breakdown my collection and wantlist into (sub)genres. I constantly try to improve my lists so they are never complete. I am happy to incorporate suggestions, but please raise the bar.

  1. 15 For Sale from $38.80

    1988. 1st Bass

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    1989. New Beat/ Hard Beat cross over.

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    1990. Massive

  6. 1990. Mellow Rave.