Techno top 200 in Finland (1994)

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Finnish journalist and media scholar Sam Inkinen released a book about techno in Finland in 1994. The book was called "Tekno - digitaalisen tanssimusiikin historia, filosofia ja tulevaisuus" which stands for "Techno - the history, philosophy and future of digital dance music". The book contained essays, interviews, articles and a list of 200 best techno tracks at that time. The list was compiled by Finnish djs and friends of electronic music.

At that time techno was a general term for all electronic music, so the list includes also house, acid, ambient and other electronic music genres. In some cases the track that made it to the list is not the A side or a title track of a release - in those cases I've included the release in this list and the track title is added in the comment field. This list is in the alphabetical order of the tracks.

These two tracks are on the book's list but either are not in Discogs or there is an error in the book and the tracks don't actually exist:
Joey Beltram: Speedfreak
Superreal: United States Of Love

I guess this list gives a good hint of what tracks they played in parties and raves in Finland in the early 1990s. I'm too young to have been there at that time, but I've spotted many great oldskool tracks from this list. Enjoy!

  1. The Age Of Love* - The Age Of Love (The Jam & Spoon Mixes)

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    No closer definition of which of the Jam & Spoon remixes is meant

  2. Aphex Twin - Xylem Tube E.P.

    The track "Polynomial-C"

  3. Baby Ford - BFORD 9

    The track "RU486"

  4. Bandulu - Guidance

    The track "Messenger"

  5. Bassheads - C.O.D.E.S.

    The track "Things Ain't What They Seem"