Ten Albums

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Ten Albums. Day 1 of 10. In no particular order - 10 all time favorite albums which really made an impact and are still on your rotation list, even if only now and then. Post the cover and of course I will explain. I write about music!

  1. The Beatles - Revolver

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    The Beatles. It all starts with them. My sisters had a Sony record player in their bedroom, between their beds. There were stacks of 45s, I can remember plowing through them. In particular, Paperback Writer b/w Rain, was of interest - I used to pan the stereo balance to isolate certain sounds. I remember crying when my sister Kris said the Beatles broke up; she consoled me with "But they'll release solo albums, so there will be more music." Revolver was their most diverse and psychedelic, and ended with Tomorrow Never Knows. Drew Delforge's mom was suspicious of me because I would always play that song, probably thought I was on drugs or something. Imagine that! Anyway, fast forward about 40 years and I have two daughters, each named after a Beatle song.

  2. Walter Carlos - Switched-On Bach

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    My mother studied music, piano and voice. But being a good 50s housewife, that meant any potential career had yielded to raising four kids, and her voice was heard in the church choir as a soloist, and the living room where our piano resided. Thus, music and records were always in our home. Walter (later Wendy) Carlos' Switched on Bach was one such album; it combined classical music with electronic technology, two passions that would take hold of my younger self. BTW, In grade school, we took bus trips to see the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra play; in high school, it was watching Leonard Bernstein films in Humanities class. #startshere #tenalbums

  3. Yes - Fragile

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    I've written a lot about this album because it was the first album I could call my own. A birthday gift from my older sisters, Yes first came on my radar via the single-edit of Roundabout on AM radio. Needless to say Fragile contained everything -- from the eclectic music, analog tones and thought-provoking lyrics, to the visuals of the album art and enclosed booklet -- to blow a young teenager's mind. Here begins my journey into progressive rock. #startshere #tenalbums

  4. Humble Pie - Performance Rockin' The Fillmore

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    Another of my sisters' albums, Humble Pie's Performance: Rockin The Fillmore stands as one of the essential live albums from the early 70s. I didn't know who Steve Marriott was, and Peter Frampton had yet to happen, but the live version of I Don't Need No Doctor of Walk On Gilded Splinters fueled whatever it is that a teenage gets out of rock music. And it was a two album set. #startshere #tenalbums

  5. Elton John - Greatest Hits

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    Along with Chicago's Greatest Hits (IX), this compilation was always playing in our den. Lest we forget, Reginald Dwight wasn't always a pompous queen; he had ties to Gentle Giant in the late 60s and even auditioned for King Crimson! Both of these compilations had songs that stirred a range of emotions in that younger me, as both my guitar playing and obsessive record collecting took off.

  6. Jethro Tull - Living In The Past

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    I first remember hearing this album at a sleepover at the Spahn's house. Not sure what grade, maybe 6th? It was one of those "check out how cool this record is" type things, and if you've ever seen this one, it's like a hard-cover book. Jethro Tull was a very popular band in the early 70s, with hits that littered the radio. This however was an "album experience" - turning the lights down, sitting back and listening to each side. Tull have a long and checkered history for me, but the fourth side of the record endures to this day: pure magic. #startshere #tenalbums

  7. Kraftwerk - Autobahn

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    While I'm not sure when I got this album, I had the 45 of Autobahn b/w Morganspaziergang (Morning Walk) when it came out. Kraftwerk was perhaps a novelty; German and electronic, they even were (purportedly) into nuclear power. But hype aside, this song was a hit reaching No. 25 in the charts and played on AM radio. It's obvious why: it's rhythm and melody are simply infectious, and in German. So not all good music came from the UK. #startshere #tenalbums

  8. Genesis - Live

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    Genesis Live was a cutout. For those of you who may not know, that means the jacket bore a saw cut or punch (so it could not be returned to the label), and it was sold at a steep discount. Back in the mid-70s, I didn't have a lot of money so cheap records were as good as expensive ones. Especially this. Mellotron, adrenaline-driven rhythms and a black light cover, this confirmed British Progressive Rock as my genre. #startshere #tenalbums

  9. Wire - Pink Flag

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    I bought this record in early 1978 at Ludwig Van Ear in Milwaukee. Matt Iverson was with me and purchased Van Halen's first record. Needless to say, this was the album I carried around at school, and boy howdy I was proud of this discovery. The essence of rock music, and very British; maybe the latter fact isn't written about it. Decades later I started Wire Mail Order with Kevin Eden. Kill yer idols. #startshere #tenalbums

  10. The Soft Machine* - Volume Two

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    I purchased this in high school from a record shop run by a young woman in Winter Haven Florida. I used to ride my moped there. Soft Machine's Triple Echo compilation came soon after. Nothing I had listened to before came close to the sounds on this record. Rock, but not really, jazz, but much more, psychedelic most certainly. The world of Canterbury was on my horizon the best of which included Gong and Caravan. #startshere #tenalbums