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A companion list to The Acid Archives. The albums found in this list are all featured in the "The Attic" section of the famous Lysergia Library website. As described at the website, "These are titles that fall outside the scope of the main Acid Archives, either due to their lack of rarity, or due to the musical style. Since they may still prove to be of interest, we are keeping them within reach up here in the Attic."

Brat - Brat (1973; R-2826)
Buccaneers - In Duane's Pirate Cavern (1965; Custom Recorded - LP-101)
Centurions - Louie Louie (1965)
Cirkus - Cirkus (1970s)
Damnation Army Band - Damnation Army Band (1969)
Down A Different Road - Down A Different Road (1970s; Living Sound)
Duane's Little Band - Duane's Little Band (1973; Mark - MC-4207)
Duck - Duck 1 (1968)
Dynamics - Dynamics (1966; Quintet - 2004) [N.B. - Maybe Quintet?]
Tom Eagles - Short Affairs (1978; 32736)
Eezy Riders - It Aint Easy To Be An Eezy Rider (1970s; Trash) [N.B.: Maybe Trash Records (16)?)
Ex-Ta-C's - Ex-Ta-Cs (1966) [N.B. - Maybe Ecstasy (7)?]
For Friends - For Friends (1969; Austin Records - AHS 33-6902)
Gateways - Excerpts From An Evening With (1964; Melody - MS-101)
Graceful Head - Graceful Head (1990s; Excelsior) [N.B.: Maybe Excelsior Records (5)?)
Grandeurs - The Grandeurs (1960s; JH-1001)
Hentchmen - Hentchmen (1966; Sanders) [N.B. - Sanders Recording?]
Hustlers - Hustlers (1960s; Voice - 8965) [N.B. - Different Hustlers than those who made Their Finest Album]
Jokers - Jokers (1960s)
Life Eternal - Disciples (1981)
Midnite Special - Live! More Than Rock'n'Roll (1970s)
New World Singers - New World Singers (1966; F.H.S.) [N.B.: Maybe New World Singers?)
Peter - Peter (1973)
Pharmacy - It's Your Funeral (1973; Heroine - xxx-1)
Richard Phillips - Endangered Species (1979; Push)
Pumas - Pumas (1967) [N.B.: could it be Los Pumas (2)? or Les Pumas De L'Oklahoma?]
Quest - In Concert (1970s; Satellite - JM-36)
John W Sargent - John W Sargent (1960s)
Sojourners - From The Cross To The Glory (1971; Encounter) [N.B.: "Encounter" does not currently exist at Discogs, but it's the same label as that from this sub]
Speak Easy - Speak Easy (1970s)
Stardust - Live (1970s)
Stardust - Yellow Jacket (1970s)
Tempos - Tempos (1966; WFC 595)
Tempters - Live (1969; AmCue)
Third Generation - Third Generation (1967)
Vari-5 - Man (1970)
The Works Bros - Meditation Works (1970s)
Zodiacs - Breaking Out (1965; Space - 12-1965)

NOTE: This list is incomplete. I will be attempting to reconstruct more of it as time allows. Please drop me a line if I've missed anything important from the Lysergia Library's attic.
NOTE: There is a fair bit of overlap between the book and The Attic, and the contents of The Attic changed from time to time with new entries added and old entries retired from the list. Eventually the hope is to add annotations to indicate when entries were added or removed and then to remove titles from the book that are duplicated in The Attic.

Thanks to everyone who tipped me off about newly subbed items or records I somehow missed: jmills, jonp72, JustieBoo, nppyl, RockinRollin, roundaboutcw, SkullValleyRecords (!)

  1. Shamim Ahmed

    A Web of Sound (1969; Monitor Records (2))