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Albums featured in Patrick Lundborg's The Acid Archives: Underground Sounds 1965-1982 (ISBN: 978-9197652308) - the book version of the famous Lysergia Library website (earlier The Lama Reviews, parts of which survive here and here).

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Brat - Brat (1973; R-2826)
Buccaneers - In Duane's Pirate Cavern (1965; LP-101)
Centurions - Louie Louie (1965)
Chaind - Live at the Topanga Corral (1972)
Down A Different Road - Down A Different Road (1970s; Living Sound)
Dynamics - Dynamics (1966; Quintet - 2004) [N.B. - Maybe Quintet?]
Ex-Ta-C's - X-Ta-C (1966) [N.B. - Could it be Ecstasy (7)?]
Grandeurs - The Grandeurs (1960s; JH-1001)
Hentchmen - Hentchmen (1966; Sanders) [N.B. - Sanders Recording?]
Hustlers - Hustlers (1960s; Voice) [N.B. - Different Hustlers than those who made Their Finest Album]
Oxen of the Sun - Stations Of The Cross (1969; Calvary - 666) [N.B. - A phantom release according to RMoore]
Various - Robert Louis Stevenson 1978-79 - Record Of The Year (1979)
John W Sargent - John W Sargent (1960s)
Snickelfritz - Snickelfritz Wants You! (1969; Mormoney - MM-666)
Speak Easy - Speak Easy (1970s)
T C T Band - Last Time Around Folks (1970s)
Tempos - Tempos (1966; WFC 595)
Tempters - Live (1969; AmCue)
Third Generation - Third Generation (1967)
The Works Bros - Meditation Works (1970s)
Zodiacs - Breaking Out (1965; Space - 12-1965)

Thanks to everyone who tipped me off about newly subbed items or records I somehow missed: Adoomado (!!!), basementrug, jmills, JustieBoo, Non-Album_B-Side, pop-art, RMoore, NoVaRock, Records-Everywhere, towHee_records, zero.street

  1. Aaron Space - Aaron Space

    (from ISBN 978-1520636160)