The Best of my World

By frac frac
updated 11 months ago

The artists I like in dark ambient, drone, metal and experimental stuff.

  1. Lustmord

    perfect for inner calm, deep dark ambient lately, more experimental early

  2. Bad Sector

    uniquely generated power dark music

  3. The Drive To Uqbar

    like the cinematic and experimental approach, nice surreal travels

  4. Dead Can Dance

    really the greatest mystical world music, love the darker shade

  5. 5



    fantastic drone atmosphere, a project that nullifies any definition for music

  6. raison d'être

    the project that triggered in me the real power of dark music

  7. Seetyca

    minimal drones, subtle music, perfect for background

  8. Abbildung

    from dark ambient, doom, to world music, a combination of tangerine's space ambient, lustmord and a darker dead can dance

  9. 9



    probably the most refined dark ambient music

  10. Fractaled

    space dark ambient

  11. Monumentum

    great dark music

  12. Nadja (5)

    great drone metal

  13. Essentia Mundi

    the Romanian label on dark and drone, doom

  14. 15


  15. 17



    from the early period

  16. 19


  17. 20


  18. Darkspace

    post-black, uses alien soundtrack

  19. Dagorlad

    horror metal