The COMPLETE "Move D/Namlook" Collection

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Series of Electronic collaborations between Pete Namlook and David Moufang

  1. Move D - Namlook* - Exploring The Psychedelic Landscape

    10 For Sale from $30.00

    First volume of MOVE D/NAMLOOK. Move D/Namlook is Pete "Namlook" Kuhlmann and David "Move D" Moufang.

  2. Move D / Namlook - Move D / Namlook III - The Retro Rocket

    11 For Sale from $22.72

    Third volume of MOVE D/NAMLOOK.

  3. Move D / Namlook - Move D / Namlook IV - The Audiolounge

    11 For Sale from $13.64

    Fourth volume of the MOVE D/NAMLOOK series.

  4. Move D / Namlook - Move D / Namlook V - Wired

    5 For Sale from $28.41

    Fifth disc of the set. Recorded at Pete's studio in Germany. Check out Pete's guitar playing on the first track!

  5. Move D / Namlook - Move D / Namlook VI - Live In Heidelberg 2001

    16 For Sale from $11.36

    The title says it all-you can hear Pete say it via voice vocoder toward track four's end. Live in David's hometown at the "Enjoy Jazz" festival. Sixth CD overall in the set.

  6. Move D / Namlook - Move D / Namlook VII - Home Shopping

    9 For Sale from $11.36

    Seventh CD from Pete and David. Like the first four, recorded at David's studio in Germany.

  7. Move D • Namlook* - Move D • Namlook VIII • The Art Of Love

    11 For Sale from $22.73

    Eighth disc from MOVE D/NAMLOOK, continues electronic style exploration,as always!

  8. Move D • Namlook* - Move D • Namlook IX + Wagons-Lits

    4 For Sale from $45.45

    Number Nine from Pete and Dave. Title paraphrases "Wagons East".

  9. Move D / Namlook - Move D / Namlook X - Let The Circle Not Be Broken

    7 For Sale from $11.35

    NUMBER TEN from Dave and Peter. As the title says (and advice from MOVE D/NAMLOOK as well,): Let the circle NOT be broken. You'll know why just by listening!

  10. Move D - Namlook* - Move D / Namlook XI - Sons Of Kraut

    10 For Sale from $20.25

    Eleventh CD of MOVE D/NAMLOOK. Here, Peter and David pay tribute and DEEP respect to the great electronic music maestros from Germany. Two of those greats are KLAUS SCHULZE (with Pete in the reccomended DARK SIDE OF THE MOOG), and his former band TANGERINE DREAM. Also, first one with DTS Surrround mix on one disc-the DTS decoder IS REQUIRED.

  11. Move D • Namlook* - Move D • Namlook XII • Space & Time

    6 For Sale from $24.23

    On number 12 of MOVE D/NAMLOOK, "SPACE AND TIME ARE FUSED." A classic from Pete and Dave, and they only keep getting better!

  12. Move D • Namlook* - Move D • Namlook XIII: Raumland • Exploration

    4 For Sale from $19.90

    THIRTEEN and counting. Pete and Dave pull a trilogy that starts with the EXPLORATION and ends with a SPHARE.

  13. Move D • Namlook* - Move D • Namlook XIV • Raumland • Montage

    7 For Sale from $26.70

    Number 14 and the second part of the Raumland trilogy. The MONTAGE-presented by the one and only PETER KUHLMANN and DAVID MOUFANG-you guessed right, MOVE D/NAMLOOK!

  14. Move D / Namlook - Move D • Namlook XV: Raumland • Sphäre

    7 For Sale from $17.05

    LAST piece of the RAUMLAND trilogy and overall count-Move D/Namlook #15, of course!

  15. Move D • Namlook* - Move D • Namlook XVI Travelling The Silk Route

    10 For Sale from $11.36

    CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! Another trilogy started by Dave and Pete on the 16th volume. This time, they explore our CIVILIZATION.

  16. Move D · Namlook* - Move D · Namlook XVII + There!

    8 For Sale from $7.95

    Second of the CIVILIZATION trilogy from Move D/Namlook. Number 17 overall. Pay attention to the voice sample in TRACK 1, you might recognize a certain fella saying "YES, YOU CAN!"

  17. Move D / Namlook - Move D • Namlook XVIII: Sexoid

    4 For Sale from $28.98

    Last part in the CIVILIZATION trilogy and #18 all together from that amazing duo called MOVE D/NAMLOOK. Pay attention to the title track-a familiar sample that is also on #16, is heard.

  18. Move D / Namlook - Move D · Namlook XIX: Dawning Of A New Decade

    2 For Sale from $34.08

    Number 19 from Dave and Pete. Just LISTEN to the EPIC track three (and REMEMBER,) "Change Prevails."

  19. Move D / Namlook - Move D · Namlook XX: Taygete

    4 For Sale from $22.73

    Yes it is NUMBER 20, and certainly not the final one. Pete and Dave pick up where they left off (once again) on the twentieth MOVE D/NAMLOOK release! (I don't believe they are done with MOVE D/NAMLOOK and one listen to TAYGETE will tell you why!!)

  20. Move D • Namlook* - Move D • Namlook XXI • Stranger I

    4 For Sale from $40.51

    Now, onward into the UNKNOWN with Peter and David startin' ANOTHER awesome trilogy. There is no turning back from this UNKNOWN (and "STRANGER") world without the guiding from MOVE D/NAMLOOK! Number 21 and still counting!

  21. Move D / Namlook - Move D • Namlook XXII: Stranger II

    6 For Sale from $37.87

    Second piece in the STRANGER trilogy: THE ENCOUNTER from Pete and Dave- AKA: MOVE D/NAMLOOK. BTW,-#22 in the entire series (and STILL counting).

  22. Move D / Namlook - Move D • Namlook XXIII: Stranger III

    4 For Sale from $39.76

    The Final part of the STRANGER trilogy from Pete and Dave. Number 23 on the COUNT of this Awesome duo in Electronic Music.

  23. Move D / Namlook - The Move D / Namlook Collection

    9 For Sale from $15.00

    If you are having trouble on buying the FIRST six albums of MOVE D/NAMLOOK, here's the alternative-1 CD with the first SIX Move D/Namlook CDs on it. KEEP IN MIND- This is an MP3 CD and WILL NOT play on a regular CD player, but it works on MP3 CD players and (of course) on computer CD-ROM drives.

  24. Move D • Namlook* - The Evolution Of Move D • Namlook

    5 For Sale from $10.00

    This one is a collection/sampling of all the AWESOME cds of MOVE D/NAMLOOK I through XX. Not to mention, a great place to start YOUR Move D/Namlook collection!!