Chicago House: The very beginning 1983 - 1985

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Que Darryl Pandy (R.I.P.):..." Now this is how it started!.. "

Here's a list of the earliest Pre Chicago House and Chicago House proper records. All records featured in this list are from 1983 - 1985. Most of the records featured are, as you would expect, influenced by Italo-Disco, Synth Pop, New Wave, Disco, Electro and HI-NRG.

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Peace and respect to all Chi-House fans.

Leon (aka 'justice808' , 'funk_wid_it' & 'RealFreshBlog')

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  1. Jesse Saunders - On And On

    4 For Sale from $69.00

    Another contender contender for the very first Chicago House track!!

  2. September (2) - Are You Free Tonight

    1 For Sale from $58.95

    A1.'Are You Free Tonight' (Brett Wilcots & Erasmo Riviera House Mix)

    Surely one of the earliest examples you can find of having 'House Mix' printed on a label? Either way, a fantastic mix by Brett Wilcots and Erasmo Riviera.

  3. Master Plan - Pushin' Too Hard

    Killer, early pre Chi-House jam!

  4. Steve "Silk" Hurley - Dubs From The Dungeon Vol.1

    9 For Sale from $25.00

    A1.'I Don't Know' (aka 'Shooting Stars')

    Written and produced:1985
    Finally released:2000

  5. Ron Hardy - Muzic Box Classics Volume Two

    10 For Sale from $11.52

    B1. Sleezy D. – 'Trust Track'


  6. Gene Hunt - Chicago Dance Tracks Part 1

    16 For Sale from $18.00

    B1.Ron Hardy – 'Sensation' (Original Mix)
    B2.Steve 'Silk' Hurley – 'I Don't Know'

  7. Gene Hunt - Chicago Dance Tracks Part 2

    14 For Sale from $37.73

    B2.Craig Loftis – 'Yes I'm Right' (Power Plant Mix)
    C1.Farley Keith Williams – 'J.M.F. Groove'
    D1.Sleezy D-'Trust'

  8. The Browns - What's That

    12 For Sale from $2.99

    Early '85 Jesse Saunders and Duane Buford project. Very first release on Ray Barney's (now cult and classic) Dance Mania Records!

  9. Jesse Velez - Super Rhythm Trax

    4 For Sale from $16.00

    Fantastic EP from 1985.

    R.I.P. Jesse Valez.

  10. Jamie Principle - Your Love

    8 For Sale from $34.99

    The ultimate Chicago House music vocal!!