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From The Book Of The Same Name.
By Brian Cogan
Foreword By Penelope Spheeris

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“Punk Encyclopedia” Entries Not On Discogs-

“THE ANTI-CLUB” (Punk club in Los Angeles)
“A7 CLUB” (Punk club in NYC)
“BACK DOOR MAN” (Punk fanzine from Los Angeles)
“BROMLEY CONTINGENT” (a loose-knit group of early punks in The UK who went to shows and did their best to help spread Punk music and culture in The UK)
“CRUST PUNK” (Punk sub-genre)
“DIY” (as in the “do it yourself” Punk ethic)
“DOC MARTENS” (a big part of Punk culture and fashion. Sometimes referred to as “combat boots”. First became popular with UK skinheads in the 1960s. Worn by a wide variety of punks and people in the Grunge scene.among others)
“DUB” (Rock sub-genre and Punk influence)
“EMO” (Punk sub-genre)
“THE FLOWERS OF ROMANCE” (short-lived British Punk band (1976-77) that Sid Vicious was a member of before he joined The Sex Pistols)
“GOBBING” (the practice of fans spitting at band members performing on stage at Punk shows. This was generally done to show a fan’s “appreciation” for the band members and their music. Originally started back in the late 70s in The UK scene)
“HARDCORE” (Punk sub-genre)
“HARE KRISHNA” (a religion and spiritual and lyrical influence on various Punk artists)
“DRUGS” (influence and lyrical subject matter (and frequent addiction) for many Punk artists throughout it’s history)
“JERSEY BEAT” (Punk fanzine from New Jersey) (1982-)
“LA MERE VIPERE” (Punk club in Chicago)
“HOMOSEXUALITY” (lifestyle and subject matter for various Punk artists (especially “Queercore” artists).
“LOVE AND ROCKETS” (influential and revered alternative /underground comic book series created by brothers Gilbert,Jaime and Mario Hernandez in the early 1980s. Based in Los Angeles. Published on an “irregular” basis since 1982 (by Fantagraphics Books). The series has influenced and been influenced by Punk and Alternative music and culture since it’s inception.Gilbert has also done artwork for various Punk and Alternative artists over the years.)
“MADAME WONG’S” (Punk club in Los Angeles)
“MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL” (MRR) (long-running and highly-influential Punk magazine//fanzine started in 1982. First started out as a radio show with the same name in 1977. Based in San Francisco) (1982-2019)
“THE MOHAWK” (classic Punk hairstyle. The name originates from the Mohawk Indian tribe (originally from upper New York). The actual hairstyle itself was inspired by similar hairstyles worn by various actors in Hollywood Westerns (especially the 1939 film “Drums Along The Mohawk” starring Henry Fonda).
“NATIONAL FRONT” (far-right political movement started in France. Changed (in 2018) to the “National Rally”.
“NAZI PUNKS” (far-right (extremist) musical and political movement)
“NEW WAVE” (Rock and Punk sub-genre)
“NEW YORK ROCKER” (magazine from New York) (1976-1982)
“NO WAVE” (Rock and Punk sub-genre)
“OI” (Punk sub-genre)
“ZINES” (small circulation, underground music-related magazines (of varying sizes) created and distributed by actual fans of the artists and music that they’re promoting. Fanzines have been a huge part of promoting Punk and Hardcore music (and underground music in general) since it’s earliest beginnings)
“THE PIT” (mosh pits at Punk shows)
“POP PUNK” (Punk sub-genre)
“POSEURS” (fake punks)
“POSITIVE FORCE” (activist organization formed in 1985. Founded by members of the Punk music scene in Washington D.C.)
“POST-PUNK” (Punk sub-genre)
“PUNK”(fanzine from NYC) (1975-79
“PUNK PLANET” (fanzine from Chicago)
“QUEERCORE” (Punk sub-genre and political movement originated by gay and lesbian punks in the mid-1980s. Also referred to as “Homocore”)
“ROCK AGAINST RACISM” (aka “R.A.R.” political and social movement) “REGGAE” (Rock sub-genre and Punk influence)
“REVOLUTION SUMMER” (social movement started within the Washington D.C. Punk music scene, in 1985.)
“RIOT GRRRL” (Punk sub-genre and feminist movement started in the early-1990s)
“ROCKABILLY” (Rock sub-genre and Punk influence)
“SCENES” (referring to all of the various cities around the world with significant Punk/Hardcore artist populations and movements and all of their fans.
“SEX” (Malcolm McLaren’s legendary fashion boutique in London. It became the epicenter of Punk fashion during the first waves of UK Punk in the 1970s) (1974-76)
“THE SITUATIONISTS” (far-left political movement started in Europe by avant-garde artists, intellectuals and political theorists. The original movement began in 1957 and ended in 1972. This original movement had a later influence on many of the people in the Punk and Alternative music scenes of later decades)
“SKA” (Rock sub-genre and Punk influence)
“SKATEBOARDING” (big part of Punk/Hardcore and youth culture)
“SKINHEADS” (originally a movement of working class youth in 1960s London that spread to other areas of the UK. A second skinhead movement started in the late-1970s. It became a part of the Punk Rock music scene, with both left-wing and right-wing factions. Also refers to the actual skinhead hairstyle of a completely bald or closely-shaven head)
“SNIFFIN’ GLUE” (fanzine from The UK) (1976-77)
“SQUATS” (old abandoned and/or run-down houses and buildings that a lot of Punk musicians and other Punk-related people lived in. Especially Anarcho and Crust Punk artists and other likeminded people. Usually this practice was illegal and the people were always on the lookout for any police or other authority that might try to make them leave these places. These people are commonly referred to as “squatters”)
“STAGE DIVING” (common practice of bands and fans at Punk/Hardcore shows. Originated by the Punk scene but also later became a common practice at Thrash and Death Metal shows. Another similar practice is “slam dancing”)
“STRAIGHT EDGE” (Punk sub-genre and subculture/movement/ideology)
“PUNK AND MASS MEDIA” (all the different ways that Punk music is produced,marketed and promoted around the world)
“SUICIDE GIRLS” (sexy, all-female (and heavily-tattooed) Punk and Goth “multi-media” group who pose nude or semi-nude on the internet and on other outlets)
“FLYERS” (gig ads posted in and around the area of the venue where the artists are going to be performing. Flyers and their artwork have become a big part of helping to promote the Punk scene over the years)
“PUNK AND FASHION” (clothing and styles created and promoted by the Punk scene)
“THE POLITICS OF PUNK” (including far-left and far-right ideologies)


Earth Crisis
The Exploited
Black Flag
Agnostic Front
The Stranglers
Minor Threat

1.”The Young Ones” meet The Damned (5-29-1984)
2.The Plasmatics on “The Tomorrow Show” with Tom Snyder (5-20-1981)
3.Public Image Ltd. on “American Bandstand” (May 1980)
4.Fear on “Saturday Night Live” (10-31-1981)
5.The Sex Pistols on “Today “ (UK show) (12-1-1976)
6.“The Top” (2-7-1984) (Los Angeles cable-access music show. Featuring Punk-related musical guests and personalities. They also had various non-musical guests from both the mainstream and the underground)

The Clash
The Minutemen
Minor Threat
Old Skull
Subhumans (Canada)

1.The Descendents- “All!” (0:01) (1986)
2.Napalm Death- “You Suffer” (0:01.5) (1987)
3.The Descendents- “No,All!” (0:02) (1986)
4.MDC- “Church And State” (0:27) (1982)
5.Circle Jerks- “Deny Everything” (0:28) (1980)
6.Black Flag- “Spray Paint The Walls” (0:32) (1981)
7.Circle Jerks- “In Your Eyes” (0:39) (1983)
8.Minor Threat- “Straight Edge” (0:45) (1983)
9.The Minutemen- “Please Don’t Be Gentle With Me” (0:46) (1984)
10.Wire- “It’s So Obvious” (0:52) (1977)

Entries #479-#572 (and the Various Artists listings #89-#93) are the “100 Essential Punk Albums” list.
89.Various Artists- “The Blasting Concept” Volume 1
90.Various Artists- “Not So Quiet On The Western Front”
91.Various Artists- “Punk And Disorderly” (1982)
92.Various Artists- “Punk And Disorderly- Further Charges” (1982)
93.Various Artists- “Punk And Disorderly III- The Final Solution” (1983)

  1. Club in NYC.

  2. 1982

  3. 1977

  4. 1980

  5. 1976

  6. 7


  7. 1997

  8. 1979

  9. 1982

  10. Musician,Producer and Engineer.
    Member of SHELLAC.
    Former member of BIG BLACK,FLOUR and RAPEMAN.
    Founder, owner and principal engineer at Electrical Audio studios in Chicago.

  11. 1996

  12. 13

    Los Angeles,CA/Fort Collins,CO

  13. Musician,Singer and Songwriter.
    Died of a heroin overdose on 6-28-1993 at age 36, in NYC.

  14. Label
    San Francisco,CA

  15. 1978
    Los Angeles,CA

  16. Club in Stamford,CT.

  17. 1988

  18. 1979

  19. 1981
    Elmwood Park,NJ

  20. 1981

  21. 25