The Existential Universe: Music of Personal and Profound Discovery (A Record Diary) [Volume 1]

By HistoryBetweenthePag
updated about 1 year ago

Inspired by "chirs' ETERNITY TANK," this list incorporates music that has personally affected me throughout my search for a higher understanding, inward change, a renewed, psychological feeling, newfound feeling of freedom, and betterment of my personal life (even if that is in error).

This list is a diary of inward rumination, a document of trial and error that exhibits my attempt to remain close to what I value. The search for truth, beauty, and freedom are combined throughout flourishes of sounds that blend together to create a meditative explosion that either develops the loudest sound or the quietest contemplation.

Throughout my journey this list is used a reminder to observe aspects of life that can be easily forgotten.

These range from:

- An appreciation for beauty

- A self-awareness and respect for silence

- Learning to listen to sound in many different forms while maintaining a love and respect for various aspects of what I have heard.

- The development of freedom, personal growth, and healing

- The reminder, or invocation, of a higher authority or power

- Developing a respect for history

- Learning to appreciate, respect, or admire what had not been previously accepted

Apart from these aspects this list can be summarized through a quote by ‘Blue Gene Tyranny’ on his approach to music:

“Music is my way of being in the world. It teaches subtle feelings, natural growth, social interaction, and more. Music is the art of time passing filled with motion, emotion, locomotion, love of sound, and much more in bits and pieces. Music takes care of two basic needs that last throughout a lifetime: the need to relate to others and the need for freedom.”

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Translations are achieved using Google Translate or any other sources for translation of languages that are apart from English. If I incorrectly translate a word, phrase, or sentence please message me the title of the album and I will correct it.

If I have added two different notable tracks this is due to my inability of not being able to distinguish between one over the other. In this case it is a bonus where instead of one track being selected it is one with the other resulting in additional selections becoming presented.

Ratings (as documented through letter ratings):

A+ - 95-100

A- - 90-94

B+ - 85-89

B- - 80-84

C+ - 75-79

C- - 70-74

D+ - 65-69

D- - 60-64

F - 0-59

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- Abby Gundersen - Sleep Comes then I Wake (2020)
- Alan Hovhaness - Opening a Window to Cosmic Love: Private Acetate Discs ca. 1946​-​55 (2022)
- Alex Wilkson - Phosphenia (2016)
- Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers - Buhaina´s Delight (1962)
- Broadside Ballads, Vol. 4: The Time Will Come and Other Songs from Broadside Magazine (1967)
- Canyon City - Circling the Sun EP (2020)
- Chago Rodrigo - Latin American Folk Songs: Sung in Spanish by Chago Rodrigo (1957)
- Clem Leek - Lago (2020)
- Dear - Dear EP (2014)
- Elliot Simpson - The Wayward Trail (2015)
- Ernie Fischbach and Charles Ewing - The Acid Symphony (1967)
- Facundo Gonzáles - New Mexican Violinista (1979)
- Gamelan Jawa Vol. 5 (1995)
- Hafouz Achir Effendi - Beautiful Howling Journey: Popular Songs in Constantinople 1905​-​07 (2021)
- Harold Courlander - Caribbean Folk Music Vol. 1 (1960)
- Ian Russell - In Light (2020)
- Kaivo - Floret (2022)
- Kenny Wheeler, Bob Brookmeyer - Islands (2003)
- Koji Kikuhara - Ziuta Soukiyokunosekai Botsukusu (2013)
- Music of Vietnam (1965)
- Pawlo Humeniuk, Michala Thomasa & Pals (2020)
- Randall McCellan - Sirius (2014)
- tordmule – white; heat (2021)
- Wayne Raney and the Raney Family (19??)
- Yes/And - yes/and (2021)

  1. 1 For Sale from $20.53


    Released: Self-Released, 2016

    Notable Track: In the Fields

    Two pianos or one? Are two pianos better than one? Does the sound contrast well? Does it exhibit a proper blending of harmony? Possibilities of asserting multiple instruments within the spectrum of sound are enormous and contribute to an environment that is expansive within its range. One thought that I had while writing this was through the concertos for harpsichords and orchestra by Bach. Composed throughout the period of 1730-1745, these concertos feature a variety of textures that exhibit layers of sound responsible for the increased amounts of variation found within the part of the harpsichords that allowed for the sound to travel in different directions and form a life that had become constructed as more broader and fuller within it's structure. Every harpsichord was unique providing its own distinct melody among the entire form where it functioned as sculpture. Whether there were two pianos or four harpsichords there develops no distinction on why it should matter. Obviously two heads are better than one and allow for the functionality within dual forms that contrast one melody with another.

    The idea of sculpting a series of works from the duality of two pianos is an idea that represents endless possibilities. As if the universe was molded out of clay or positioned within forms of matter that had descended from gravity, the idea of assembling dual worlds through music is constructive meaning that, as Michelangelo sculpted the hair, eyes, chest, and genitals, he also formed another universe where aspects, such as the shape and contour of the body, could be appreciated, acknowledged, and observed for its present state of existence.

    Form is unique fluctuating from one object to another defining the entirety of its identity. An apple is round, the sky is blue, and the grass is green remaining intrinsic and unsusceptible to change. We associate this with what is natural and familiar understanding the internalization of what is and what will always be. There are certain things within the world, or universe, that are definite and will remain throughout eternity. Squared, dialectal conversations form the angular perceptions of definition where the line between what is known and unknown is present. The science of the abdomen and bone are a precursor between what is known scientifically. If for whatever reason their happens to remain a distance between the chasm of what defines space and time there will still exist the perception of our existence and the

  2. Rating:

    Released: Polskie Nagrania Muza, 1968

    Notable Track: Rondo

  3. 9 For Sale from $4.50

    Rating: A

    Released: Hall of Fame - Great Artists Series, 19??

    Notable Track: Etudes, Opus 2, 8, 42 And 65 - 1. In C Sharp Minor, Op. 2. No. 1

  4. Rating:

    Released: Antilles, 1982

    Notable Track: Chicago Breakdown

  5. Rating: A

    Released: Music Maker Relief Foundation - Stamp-It Series, 2010

    Notable Track: Lost Indian

  6. Rating: A

    Released: Home Normal, 2016

    Notable Track: Stefano Guzetti - A Promise (full piano version)

  7. 3 For Sale from $7.99

    Rating: A+

    Released: Cedille Records, 2005

    Notable Track: Sinfonietta No. 1 For Strings (1954-55) (II. Song Form: Largo)

  8. Rating:

    Released: Saturn Research, 1983

    Notable Track: Makeup

  9. Rating: A-

    Released: hibernate, 2011

  10. Rating:

    Released: Home Normal, 2010

    Notable Track: White Light

  11. Rating: A+

    Released: Impulse! 1965

    Notable Track: Part IV - Psalm

  12. Rating:

    Released: Impulse! 1968

    Notable Track: Lord Help Me to Be

  13. Rating: A+

    Released: Bärenreiter-Musicaphon, 1968

    Notable Track:

  14. 3 For Sale from $8.50

    Rating: A+

    Released: Blue Note, 1989 (reissue)

    Notable Track: A Night in Tunisia

  15. A Psalm of David (Helen M. Hosmer, Crane Orchestra, Chorus of Teachers College, N.Y. State University)

    Rating: A+

    Released: Concert Hall Society, 1951

  16. 7 For Sale from $6.32

    Rating: B+

    Released: Drag City, 2009 (reissue)

    Notable Track: The Curragh of Kildare

  17. 4 For Sale from $8.59

    Rating: A-

    Released: New World Records, 2010

    Notable Track: Fades, Dissolves, Fizzles (1995)

  18. Rating: A-

    Released: Audio Arts, 1987

    Notable Track: A Round Of Desert Flowers - Straight Version

  19. Rating: A-

    Released: El Saturn Records, 1974

    Notable Track: The Conversion

  20. 10 For Sale from $6.00


    Released: Rounder Records, 1997

    Notable Track:

  21. Rating: A-

    Released: Dronarivm, 2016

    Notable Track: The Tower Of Babel

  22. Rating:

    Released: ABSOLUTE, 2013

    Notable Track:

    Bert Jansch - Needle of Death (Volume 1)

    Bert Jansch & John Renbourn - Paper Houses (Volume 2)