The Great Beyond!

By Aero1 Aero1
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Stuff that has had(not to get too woo-woo!)a profound effect on my being and of being! Stuff that came from the Here yet feels like birthed outside mere mortal confines...The Great Beyond! Whereby the confluence of Creative artistry Mechanical structure and Magic dust do the WiggleyJiggley! Stuff that-to me-has a high cool or neato quotient in all its various manifestations. Music that comes to me. There are alot of moving parts and the situation is fluid!

  1. 22-20s - 22-20s

    5 For Sale from $28.00

    This album blows the doors off a ‘57 Chevy!

  2. Food Brain - Social Gathering = 晩餐

    4 For Sale from $129.90

    Like a pack of assailing rabid dogs given to periodic respites!

  3. Various - Nihon No Wave

    3 For Sale from $74.19

    Familiar yet unknown. Distant yet caressing.Background sounds for space colony commune...whether doing chores or after hour soirées!

  4. Magma (6) - Magma

    15 For Sale from $26.88

    Weird!@_@ in a Zeulhish way

  5. Xhol Caravan - Electrip

    11 For Sale from $29.03

    Mutant Prog Jazzinezz!

  6. Arzachel - Arzachel

    If I owned a Turkish hash den this would be on loop!

  7. Epidaurus - Earthly Paradise

    6 For Sale from $26.00

    I favor over _ _ _ _ _ _ _

  8. Iviron - Iviron

    9 For Sale from $21.51

    Got turned onto this via download wayyyy back in mid aughts and was in love from get go! Bought when could on vinyl!

  9. John Carpenter In Association With Alan Howarth - Escape From New York (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

    23 For Sale from $17.20

    Bought in local record store when came out on kinda whim. Didn’t see the movie until much later and thankfully enjoyed. Ominous,skitterish and dystopian with matte gray overtones!

  10. Swell Maps - Sweep The Desert

    9 For Sale from $10.00

    A punkier Joy Division! Who knew!?

  11. Nebula (3) / Lowrider (2) - Nebula / Lowrider Double EP

    2 For Sale from $36.55

    Down tuned Up tempo Mesa boogie Sluice! Freakin'brilliant any way you slice it! Pure Jeanious!!

  12. The Accüsed - Martha Splatterhead's Maddest Stories Ever Told

    6 For Sale from $37.63

    Garbled jibber jabber never sounded soo good!

  13. Traffic Sound - Virgin

    3 For Sale from $40.00

    proggy beat (a) far as I can ascertain!

  14. O.L.D. - Lo Flux Tube

    16 For Sale from $12.80

    Quite literally reconfigured my cognitive map to boundries and possibilities of harder,out-there,spectrum of music!When Earache was truly profound.

  15. Various - Psychedelic Unknowns Volume 3

    15 For Sale from $12.30

    Great vibez abound around! Tripping the day-glo light phantastic. Great cover too!

  16. Various - The Lost Generation

    9 For Sale from $31.18

    When got I couldn't believe how good is....20+ yrs later..still can't!!! Blue vinyl adds to cool quotient.

  17. Various - Kraut! Demons! Kraut! - German Psychedelic Underground 1968 - 1974

    3 For Sale from $19.99

    The guy/gal,people who put this together should’ve got a Grammy...or at least a Juno! (or German equivalent!)

  18. Beowülf - Lost My Head... But I'm Back On The Right Track

    18 For Sale from $15.00


  19. Cluster - Cluster

    2 For Sale from $25.00

    Never mind,’where’s Waldo’? Where’s the riff?? Hidden amongst the swooshes and swishes? Amongst the ping and pang?? In the bloops and blaps??? Very keen Grasshopper!

  20. Love - Forever Changes

    42 For Sale from $42.50

    If you put out an album of best songs ever .... it would be a nano-micron better then this!

  21. The Trashmen - Live Bird 65-67

    3 For Sale from $16.13

    Countrified teen Punk Surf!

  22. Eroc - Eroc

    Another DL I actively sought out to get on vinyl. I managed to bag the elusive Japanese version( animals were hurt during aforementioned operation[only pocket book!]) Sci-Fi theatre of the mind!?