The Greatest Guitarists

By pedro99 pedro99
updated about 1 year ago

My favorite players of my favorite instrument -- the most inspirational or awe-inspiring. Not in any particular order.

  1. Jeff Moris Tepper

    I have always loved the groove that the Magic Band got into, especially on "Mirror Man" and "Trout Mask Replica," and while the bassist and guitarist were mostly responsible for the rhythmic hoedown the guitarists were always creative improvisers. Also, Jeff Morris Tepper mostly inspired me to pick up slide guitar.

  2. Zoot Horn Rollo

    See Jeff Morris Tepper.

  3. John McLaughlin

    Birds of Fire. Need I say more?

  4. D. Boon

    D. Boon was better off playing the riff than taking a solo, but he wrote great riffs. Nobody else in punk was composing with jazzy chords and beautiful arpeggios like this guy. He is sorely missed.

  5. Henry Flynt

    Henry Flynt's playing on the Insurrections' "I Don't Wanna" album is raucous and cutting, focused and chaotic. See "Dreams Away" for his most inspired guitar figures.

  6. Buzz Osborne

    While the Melvins have become a disappointingly tuneful pop band (like many of their cited favorite groups), their pre-Atlantic music have more organically fucked rhythms and buzzing ominous low ends than any music since the Rite of Spring. "Gluey Porch Treatments" thru "Lysol," and many of their intermediate EP's, are worth dozens of listens apiece -- thanks to songwriter Buzz Osborne.

  7. Dylan Carlson

    "Slow down," Dylan Carlson seems to say. "Why use so many notes in your riffs?" And while he repeats himself some, I like the style he works in.

  8. Martin Ros

    Aside from Shannon Selberg, the only redeeming member of the later Heroine Sheiks.

  9. Pete Cosey

    Listen to "Agharta Prelude Part 2" and you'll see what I mean.

  10. Reggie Lucas

    Admit it -- you wouldn't be able to fucking STAND Pete Cosey without him.

  11. Bob Mothersbaugh

    If only for the "Gut Feeling" noise solo.

  12. Paul Leary

    Ha! Ha ha Ha! Ohhhh hehe heh! OHHHH HAH HAH HAH! He can't be serious! The slide guitar is pretty good, though. And he writes great note riffs too, like "22 Going On 23" and "Bar-B-Q Pope."

  13. Jack Endino

    His two solo albums and work with Skin Yard have shaped my guitar playing more than anybody except maybe Henry Flynt and the Magic Band guys. Fucking superb.

  14. Tom Hazelmyer


  15. Larry LaLonde

    He plays great leads in scales that don't often show up in rock music, and his riffs defy key because of the great dynamic range on Primus albums. Like perverted hair metal guitar.

  16. D'Angelo

    In the seven years since he began learning, D'angelo played some terrific solos on "Black Messiah" tracks. Not only is he a songwriter, he's now a pretty killer guitarist too.

  17. Pat Travers

    I can't figure out who plays lead on "Material Eyes," so I put both of the guitar players from the Pat Travers Band on the list. Both of them are great anyway.

  18. Pat Thrall

    See Pat Travers.

  19. Syd Barrett

    I was inspired by his tone almost as much as his playing -- Syd Barrett made great screwy pop music, but the cuttingness of his guitar sound is even more bitchin'. It makes riffs like "Lucifer Sam" and the immortal "Interstellar Overdrive" all the more memorable.

  20. Jimi Hendrix

    Who doesn't love the songs on "Are You Experienced?"

  21. Barry Goudreau

    I like the first Boston album, okay?

  22. Tom Scholz

    Get off my back.

  23. Chris Eckman

    His leads are both melodic and noisy -- a modern contrast to the Walkabouts' otherwise pastoral sound. I like 'em.

  24. Thor Eisentrager

    Believe it or not, stooping to riffs diminishes him -- check out "Weird Kitchen," "Cabin Man" and other Cows ballads to get the best of Thor Eisentrager's flushes of noise.