The Gurus Of New Age And Space Music

By mike82 mike82
updated over 4 years ago

  1. Maurizio Bianchi

    this artist is a powerful sound medium channelling us into sonic worlds from deep space.
    At the beginning of his career
    with complex and psychadelic
    structures of noise walls and most recently creating vivid images for all bound to minimal drone and ambient type of stuff other artistst done when he started with noise like aeoliah, d+s gordon, sterns, roach, demby etc.
    Never leave one of his records in a store shelf without buying it ;)

  2. Suzanne Doucet

    Maybe she was the girl that invented trance in 1982. Important name for german schlager, kraut (zweistein), psy-electronica (80s) and today's independent relaxation music. On her Isis music label, she issued and reissued a lot of titles which can be considered important historical releases such as ethnic recordings and elecronic music (eg Peter Davison).

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  5. 15



    Ancient and post-modern elements come together in this traditional andean neofolk ensemble. A real blessing to the ears!

  6. Steven Kindler

    NeoFolk fusion artist, the first recording 1981 is a minimal masterpiece.

  7. Riley Lee

    Does a lot of things, from solo zen music (on narada) to ethno-electronica (bamboo soup).

  8. Muzak For Cages

    Began with breakdance-electro style in the early 80s (unreleased ???) this CD is more into electronic soundscapes.

  9. Steve Roach

    Greatest pioneer of dark tribal minimalist ambient.