The Italo Disco Albums

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The Albums of the Italo Disco of all-times (includes Compilations, Greatest Hits, Mini-albums or EP's) artists with some tune of the style or an entire work of this genre...

  1. Spagna* - Dedicated To The Moon

    Obviously Call Me and Easy Lady was the hits, but the album is a consistant work of italo and synth pop

  2. Baltimora - Living In The Background

    44 For Sale from $5.74

    The big hit was Tarzan Boy but Woody Boogie have an irresistible chorus and typical oh-oh by Jimmy McShane (the "face" of Baltimora group)

  3. Valerie Dore - The Legend

    King Arthur and Lancelot are the best tracks of this beautiful album...

  4. Valerie Dore - Greatest Hits & Remixes

    9 For Sale from $10.34

    The greatest hits with the 12" singles versions and the megamix make very enjoyable this compilation...

  5. Gazebo - Gazebo

    48 For Sale from $3.45

    Lunatic, Masterpiece and the unforgettable I Lke Chopin, total classic of italo and 80's synth pop

  6. Sandy Marton - Modern Lover

    People From Ibiza, Exotic And Erotic and Modern Lovers are the best tracks in this work of Sandy Marton

  7. My Mine - Stone

    4 For Sale from $45.98

    Hypnotic Tango

  8. My Mine - Can Delight

    3 For Sale from $264.37

    Can Delight

  9. P. Lion - Springtime

    11 For Sale from $3.45

    Dream, Haappy Children and Reggae Radio

  10. Carrara - My Melody

    4 For Sale from $16.00

    The first album of Carrara edited in Argentina...

  11. Carrara - Gold

    10 For Sale from $6.19

    Shine On Dance, Disco King and My Melody

  12. Silver Pozzoli* - Around My Dream

    1 For Sale from $17.24

    Around My Dream, Step By Step

  13. Doctor's Cat - Gee Wiz

    8 For Sale from $9.20

    A beautiful work of italo, this album is one of the best for the fans because the tunes, arrangement and the vocals of Simona Zanini are pillars of the genre

  14. Fake - New Art

    13 For Sale from $5.17

    Frogs In Spain. Warm Ice and Donna Rouge

  15. Savage - Tonight

    19 For Sale from $62.07

    Computerized Love, Tonight and Don't Cry Tonight

  16. Savage - Maxisingles

    7 For Sale from $35.71

    An excellent compilation of singles and Only You (1984 smash hit of Savage)

  17. Koto - The Maxi-CD Collection Of Koto

    7 For Sale from $20.68

    This album of Koto is the best compilation on the band history

  18. Koto / Koto (2) - The 12" Mixes

    11 For Sale from $7.18

    A good compilation of Koto, italo reference of synth space music

  19. Ken Laszlo - Ken Laszlo

    11 For Sale from $28.62

    Almost a greatest hits of Ken Laszlo...

  20. Sabrina - Sabrina

    Boys, Hot Girl and Sexy Girl

  21. Gary Low - Go On

    28 For Sale from $1.92

    Ï Want You

  22. Gary Low - La Colegiala

    1 For Sale from $80.00

    La Colegiala