The Landlord Stab 1989 - 1993

updated over 4 years ago

Attempting to compile as many of the hardcore, rave & techno tunes that contain the oh so, very unique Landlord - I Like It (Blow Out Dub) synth stab. As I'm a real sucker for that sound! Many call it a piano stab. Recent research on the subject has brought up surprising results. It sounds nothing like a typical piano sound to me, which I'm not a massive fan of...

Interesting discussion regarding the origin of this now cultish synth stab click here

Other styles included are: House - Breakbeat - Acid House - Jungle - Hip-House.

Not to be confused with the similar sounding Kevin Saunderson / Inner City keyboard - which itself was first sampled from Nitro Deluxe - Let's Get Brutal / This Brutal House on Cutting Records (U.S.) from way back in 1986.

Or the later Bizarre Inc. piano stab which was directly sampled from Fidelfatti And Ronnette - Just Wanna Touch Me (Hallelujah Remix) and is an actual piano sound, later processed by Bizarre Inc on their rave anthem Playing With Knives.

Extra thanks to nbg , jony BUNKERHEADZ SubSystem and scherben for their own contributions.

  1. And here is the original & best appearance.

  2. DJ's Take Control

  3. Understand This Groove

  4. 23 For Sale from $1.55

    When Can I Call You (Tommy Musto & Frankie Bones British Telecom Mix)

  5. All I Want Is To Get Away

    Don't Give Up On My Lovin'

  6. 12 For Sale from $12.18

    Playing With Spoons

  7. Security Overload is the one with the Landlord stabs.

    One of my favourite hardcore records of '92. Proper dark, underground business. Both sides equal in quality. Regen-Time a touch more industrial & brutal.

  8. Check How We Jam.

    Always preferred this from "Dance With Power". Maybe it's the Landlord stabs that swung it for me. Or is it the bassline drop ?

  9. 18 For Sale from $4.00

    Changes Part 1 (Rave Mix).

    After that over the top (overkill) orchestral stab finishes, comes in a wicked Landlord stab which powers on this techno rave stomper.

  10. Cutter Mix.

    Both tracks absolute classics. Cutter Mix is the one with Landlord stabs.

  11. (Last Thursday Mix)

  12. 6 For Sale from $24.38

    (Version 1)

    Back in the day I think I probably preferred the other version. But over the years I've come to prefer this one. Comes kitted with Landlord stabs of course.

  13. Flatliners.

    What a tune! Nuff said.

  14. 19 For Sale from $8.54

    The Flatliner Remix (Zero Yellow Zero (Mix))

  15. SL2 – DJs Take Control (DJ Seduction Mix)

  16. 5 For Sale from $3.09

    Welcome To Violence

  17. Hardcore Will Never Die (E Type Version)

    Telepathic Mix

  18. Music And Noise